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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017 DDIpharmacy Volume 43 Issue 11 September (11).pdf.jpg2017Far distance control scores for assessing intermittent exotropiaWang, Cuiqing; Wang, Lihua; Ren, Meiyu; Wang, Qi
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 144 Issue 3 March (29).pdf.jpg2017Gynecologic Oncology A fi nal report of a phase I study of veliparib ( ABT-888 ) in combination with low-dose fractionated whole abdominal radiation therapy ( LDFWAR ) in patients with advanced solid malignancies and peritoneal carcinomatosis with a doseReiss, Kim A; Herman, Joseph M; Armstrong, Deborah; Zahurak, Marianna; Fyles, Anthony; Brade, Anthony; Milosevic, Michael; Dawson, Laura A; Scardina, Angela; Fischer, Patricia; Hacker-prietz, Amy; Kinders, Robert J; Wang, Lihua; Chen, Alice; Temkin, Sarah; Horiba, Naomi
Nephrology 2017 Volume 32 Issue 5 May (12).pdf.jpg2017Matrix metalloproteinase 9-dependent Notch signaling contributes to kidney fibrosis through peritubular endothelial–mesenchymal transitionZhao, Ye; Qiao, Xi; Tan, Thian Kui; Zhao, Hong; Zhang, Yun; Liu, Lixin; Zhang, Jianlin; Wang, Lihua; Cao, Qi; Wang, Yiping; Wang, Ya; Wang, Yuan Min; Lee, Vincent W.S.; Alexander, Stephen I; Harris, David C.H.; Zheng, Guoping
2017 JoUrology Volume 198 Issue 6 December (46).pdf.jpg2017A novel automatic regulatory device for continuous bladder irrigation based on wireless sensor in patients after transurethral resection of the prostate A prospective investigationDing, Aimin; Cao, Huling; Wang, Lihua; Chen, Jiangang; Wang, Jian; He, Bosheng
2016 AJNLPLCMP Volume 311 Issue 2 August (25).pdf.jpg2016Sex Differences in the Respiratory System Sex-specific differences in neonatal hyperoxic lung injuryLingappan, Krithika; Jiang, Weiwu; Wang, Lihua; Moorthy, Bhagavatula
2017 AJNLPLCMP Volume 313 Issue 6 December (2).pdf.jpg2017Sexual dimorphism of the pulmonary transcriptome in neonatal hyperoxic lung injury: identification of angiogenesis as a key pathway.Coarfa, Cristian; Zhang, Yuhao; Maity, Suman; Perera, Dimuthu; Jiang, Weiwu; Wang, Lihua; Couroucli, Xanthi; Moorthy, Bhagavatula; Lingappan, Krithika