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13-Jul-2007Applicability of an abbreviated version of the Child-OIDP inventory among primary schoolchildren in TanzaniaMtaya, Matilda; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Tsakos, Georgios
18-Aug-2011Applying the theory of planned behaviour to explain HIV testing in antenatal settings in Addis Ababa - a cohort studyMirkuzie, Alemnesh Hailemariam; Sisay, Mitike Molla; Moland, Karen Marie; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
11-Dec-2013Association between Oral Health Status and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Sudanese Adults: A Matched Case-Control StudyMohamed, Hasaan Gassim; Idris, Shaza Bushra; Ahmed, Mutaz Faisal; Bøe, Olav Egil; Mustafa, Kamal Babikeir Eln; Ibrahim, Salah Osman; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
10-Apr-2007Boys are more stunted than girls in Sub-Saharan Africa: a meta-analysis of 16 demographic and health surveysWamani, Henry; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Peterson, Stefan; Tumwine, James K.; Tylleskär, Thorkild
31-May-2014Change in Oral Impacts on Daily Performances (OIDP) with increasing age: testing the evaluative properties of the OIDP frequency inventory using prospective data from Norway and SwedenGülcan, Ferda; Nasir, Elwalid Fadur; Ekbäck, Gunnar; Ordell, Sven; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
28-Sep-2012Child- and family impacts of infants’ oral conditions in Tanzania and Uganda– a cross sectional studyMasumo, Ray; Bårdsen, Asgeir; Mashoto, Kijakazi Obed; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
21-Nov-2013Clinical and histological characterization of oral pemphigus lesions in patients with skin diseases: a cross sectional study from SudanSuliman, Nada M.; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Ali, Raouf Wahab; Salman, Hussein; Johannessen, Anne Christine
15-Mar-2006Clinical and socio-behavioral correlates of tooth loss: a study of older adults in TanzaniaKida, Irene Anderson; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Strand, Gunhild V.; Masalu, Joyce R.
22-Mar-2011Dental anxiety and dental attendance among 25-year-olds in Norway: time trends from 1997 to 2007Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Skaret, Erik; Haugejorden, Ola
30-Jul-2009Dental pain, oral impacts and perceived need for dental treatment in Tanzanian school students: a cross-sectional studyMashoto, Kijakazi Obed; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; David, Jamil; Masalu, Joyce R.
5-Sep-2012Determinants of periodontal health in pregnant women and association with infants’ anthropometric status: a prospective cohort study from Eastern UgandaWandera, Margaret Nekesa; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Okullo, Isaac; Tumwine, James K.
14-May-2013Developmental defects of enamel in primary teeth and association with early life course events: a study of 6-36 month old children in Manyara, TanzaniaMasumo, Ray; Bårdsen, Asgeir; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
22-May-2014Discriminative ability of the generic and condition specific Oral Impact on Daily Performance (OIDP) among adolescents with and without hypodontiaHvaring, Christina L.; Birkeland, Kari; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
26-May-2011Discriminative ability of the generic and conditionspecific Child-Oral Impacts on Daily Performances (Child-OIDP) by the Limpopo-Arusha School Health (LASH) Project: A cross-sectional studyMbawalla, Hawa S.; Mtaya, Matilda; Masalu, Joyce R.; Brudvik, Pongsri; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
23-Dec-2010Evaluation of oral health-related quality of life among Sudanese schoolchildren using Child-OIDP inventoryNurelhuda, Nazik Mostafa; Ahmed, Mutaz Faisal; Trovik, Tordis Agnete; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
14-Aug-2008HIV and AIDS related knowledge, source of information, and reported need for further education among dental students in Sudan- a cross sectional studyNasir, Elwalid Fadur; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; David, Jamil; Ali, Rouf W.
26-Aug-2013HIV/AIDS-related attitudes and oral impacts on daily performances: a cross-sectional study of Sudanese adult dental patientsNasir, Elwalid Fadur; Marthinussen, Mihaela C.; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
8-Jul-2012Influence of oral mucosal lesions and oral symptoms on oral health related quality of life in dermatological patients: a cross sectional study in SudanSuliman, Nada M.; Johannessen, Anne Christine; Ali, Raouf Wahab; Salman, Hussein; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug
28-Jan-2005Injury morbidity in an urban and a rural area in Tanzania: an epidemiological surveyMoshiro, Candida Simon; Heuch, Ivar; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Setel, Philip; Hemed, Yusuf; Kvåle, Gunnar
13-Sep-2011Male partner antenatal attendance and HIV testing in eastern Uganda: a randomized facility-based intervention trialByamugisha, Robert; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug; Ndeezi, Grace; Karamagi, Charles A. S.; Tylleskär, Thorkild; Tumwine, James K.