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2018 Sleep Volume 41 Issue 5 May (15).pdf.jpg2018An end-to-end framework for real-time automatic sleep stage classificationPatanaik, Amiya; Ong, Ju Lynn; Gooley, Joshua J; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Chee, Michael W L
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 7 October (10).pdf.jpg2016Genetic Associations with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Traits in Hispanic / Latino AmericansCade, Brian E; Chen, Han; Stilp, Adrienne M; Gleason, Kevin J; Sofer, Tamar; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Arens, Raanan; Bell, Graeme I; Below, Jennifer E; Bjonnes, Andrew C; Chun, Sung; Conomos, Matthew P; Evans, Daniel S; Johnson, W Craig; Frazier-wood, Alexis C; Lane, Jacqu
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 10 May (14).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Determinants of Change in Objectively Assessed Sleep Duration Among Older MenSmagula, Stephen F; Harrison, Stephanie; Cauley, Jane A; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Cawthon, Peggy M
JURO 2017 Volume 197 Issue 3 Part 1 March (28).pdf.jpg2017Sexual Function / Infertility Association of Sleep Disordered Breathing with Erectile Dysfunction in Community Dwelling Older MenBozorgmehri, Shahab; Fink, Howard A; Parimi, Neeta; Canales, Benjamin; Ensrud, Kristine E; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Canales, Muna; Study, Mros
2016 Slee Volume 39 Issue 3 March (15).pdf.jpg2016Sleep Disordered Breathing and Risk of Stroke in Older Community-Dwelling MenStone, Katie L; Blackwell, Terri L; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Barrett-connor, Elizabeth; Bauer, Douglas C; Cauley, Jane A; Ensrud, Kristine E; Hoffman, Andrew R; Mehra, Reena; Stefanick, Marcia L; Varosy, Paul D; Yaffe, Kristine
2016 AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 5 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Sleep-disordered Breathing and Incident Heart Failure in Older MenJavaheri, Sogol; Blackwell, Terri; Ancoli-israel, Sonia; Ensrud, Kristine E; Stone, Katie L; Redline, Susan