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2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 8 August (30).pdf.jpg2016Low Testosterone : A Risk Marker Rather Than a Risk Factor for Type 2 DiabetesHolmboe, Stine A; Jensen, Tina K; Linneberg, Allan; Scheike, Thomas; Thuesen, Betina H; Skakkebaek, Niels E; Juul, Anders; Andersson, Anna-maria
2017 JCEM Volume 102 Issue 10 October (19).pdf.jpg2017Nocturnal Urinary Excretion of FSH and LH in Children and Adolescents With Normal and Early PubertyLe, A R T I C; Kolby, Nanna; Busch, Alexander S; Aksglaede, Lise; Sørensen, Kaspar; Petersen, Jorgen Holm; Andersson, Anna-maria; Juul, Anders
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2018Postnatal Changes in Testicular Position Are AssociatedLe, A R T I C; Koskenniemi, Jaakko J; Virtanen, Helena E; Wohlfahrt-veje, Christine; Skakkebaek, Niels E; Juul, Anders; Andersson, Anna-maria; Main, Katharina M; Toppari, Jorma
2016 HR Volume 31 Issue 8 August (16).pdf.jpg2016Self-reported onset of puberty and subsequent semen quality and reproductive hormones in healthy young menJensen, Tina Kold; Finne, Katrine Folmann; Skakkebæk, Niels E; Andersson, Anna-maria; Olesen, Inge Ahlmann; Bang, Anne Kirstine; Nordkap, Loa; Priskorn, Lærke; Krause, Marianna; Jørgensen, Niels; Juul, Anders
JoCEM 2018 Volume 103 Issue 8 August (21).pdf.jpg2018Sex Differences in Reproductive Hormones DuringLe, A R T I C; Johannsen, Trine Holm; Main, Katharina Maria; Ljubicic, Marie Lindhardt; Jensen, Tina Kold; Andersen, Helle Raun; Andersen, Marianne Skovsager; Petersen, Jørgen Holm; Andersson, Anna-maria; Juul, Anders
2016 AJP Volume 186 Issue 12 December (1).pdf.jpg2016SHORT COMMUNICATION HIV Interferes with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antigen Presentation in Human Dendritic CellsSingh, Susmita K; Andersson, Anna-maria; Ellegård, Rada; Arlehamn, S Lindestam; Sette, Alessandro; Larsson, Marie; Stendahl, Olle; Blomgran, Robert
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2017testicular biopsy fi ndings amongOlesen, Inge Ahlmann; Ph, D; Andersson, Anna-maria; Ph, D; Aksglaede, Lise; Ph, D
2016 HR Volume 31 Issue 8 August (5).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin D deficiency and low ionized calcium are linked with semen quality and sex steroid levels in infertile menJensen, Martin Blomberg; Lawaetz, Jacob Gerner; Andersson, Anna-maria; Petersen, Jørgen Holm; Nordkap, Loa; Bang, Anne Kirstine; Ekbom, Pia; Nordstro, Ulla; Prætorius, Lisbeth; Lundstrøm, Peter; Boujida, Vibeke Hartvig; Lanske, Beate; Juul, Anders; Jørgensen, Niels