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31-Jul-2014Analysis of integration sites of transgenic sheep generated by lentiviral vectors using next-generation sequencing technologyMalkova, Anna; Cornetta, Kenneth; Randall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Atkinson, Simon; Chen, Yu-Hsiang
6-Mar-2013BMP Pathway and Reactive Retinal GliosisBelecky-Adams, Teri; Skalnik, David Gordon; Zhang, Xin; Atkinson, Simon; Dharmarajan, Subramanian
14-Aug-2013Bone Metabolism: The Role of STAT3 and Reactive Oxygen SpeciesLi, Jiliang; Marrs, James; Ji, Julie; Atkinson, Simon; Newnum, America Bethanne
2013Cascades of genetic instability resulting from compromised break-induced replicationMalkova, Anna; Atkinson, Simon; Kusmierczyk, Andrew; Vasan, Soumini
27-Aug-2014Characterization of a cold-responsive dehydrin promoterRandall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Watson, John C., 1953-; Picard, Christine; Atkinson, Simon; Osadczuk, Elizabeth Ann
2014De novo genome assembly of the blow fly Phormia regina (Diptera: Calliphoridae)Randall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Liu, Yunlong; Atkinson, Simon; Picard, Christine; Andere, Anne A.
6-Mar-2013Development of Therapies to Treat Polycystic Kidney DiseaseBlazer-Yost, Bonnie; Gattone II, Vincent H.; Belecky-Adams, Teri; Atkinson, Simon; Flaig, Stephanie Marge
31-Jul-2014Differentiation and characterization of cell types associated with retinal degenerative diseases using human induced pluripotent stem cellsMeyer, Jason S.; Belecky-Adams, Teri; Randall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Atkinson, Simon; Gupta, Manav
2014Effect of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate on Skeletal and Cognitive Phenotypes in a Down Syndrome Mouse ModelRoper, Randall J.; Goodlett, Charley; Li, Jiliang; Yost, Robert; Atkinson, Simon; Abeysekera, Irushi Shamalka
2013Effects of carbon nanotubes on barrier epithelial cells via effects on lipid bilayersBlazer-Yost, Bonnie; Petrache, Horia; Witzmann, F. A. (Frank A.); Atkinson, Simon; Lewis, Shanta
2013Expression of histone deacetylase enzymes in murine and chick optic nerveBelecky-Adams, Teri; Meyer, Jason S.; Marrs, James; Atkinson, Simon; Tiwari, Sarika
7-Oct-2013F-Actin regulation of SNARE-mediated insulin secretionThurmond, Debbie C.; Atkinson, Simon; Hudmon, Andy; Mirmira, Raghu; Kalwat, Michael Andrew
7-Jul-2014Hydrodynamic delivery for the study, treatment and prevention of acute kidney injuryAtkinson, Simon; Basile, David P.; Bacallao, Robert L.; Dunn, Kenneth William; Gattone II, Vincent H.; Corridon, Peter R.
1-Aug-2014Identification and characterization of Ascl1-expressing cells in maternal liver during pregnancyDai, Guoli; Belecky-Adams, Teri; Meyer, Jason S.; Atkinson, Simon; Kumar, Sudhanshu
12-Jul-2013Identification of the Pba1 and Pba2 Binding Sites on 20S Core Particle IntermediatesKusmierczyk, Andrew; Malkova, Anna; Randall, Stephen Karl, 1953-; Atkinson, Simon; Hammack, Lindsay Jo
25-Feb-2014In situ three-dimensional reconstruction of mouse heart sympathetic innervation by two-photon excitation fluorescence imagingRubart-von der Lohe, Michael; Atkinson, Simon; Hurley, Thomas D., 1961-; Gattone II, Vincent H.; Freeman, Kim Renee
2014Inhibiting protein clearance to induce cell death in tuberous sclerosis and pancreatic cancerQuilliam, Lawrence; Atkinson, Simon; Wek, Ronald C.; Zhang, Jian-Ting; Hendricks, Jeremiah William
14-Aug-2013Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2 and Salinity on Three Common Grass SpeciesWang, Xianzhong; Clark, Patricia; Vaughan, Martin; Atkinson, Simon; Moxley, Donovan J.
3-Jan-2014Mechanisms of hexosamine-induced cholesterol accumulation and therapeutic actions of chromiumElmendorf, Jeffrey S.; Atkinson, Simon; Considine, Robert V.; Evans-Molina, Carmella; Kempson, Stephen A.; Penque, Brent A.
22-Aug-2013Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Leading to Similar Phenotypes in Down and Fetal Alcohol SyndromesRoper, Randall J.; Marrs, James; Kusmierczyk, Andrew; Atkinson, Simon; Solzak, Jeffrey Peter