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2014Construct Validity and Factor Structure of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Epworth Sleepiness Scale in a Multi-National Study of African, South East Asian and South American College StudentsGelaye, Bizu; Lohsoonthorn, Vitool; Lertmeharit, Somrat; Pensuksan, Wipawan C.; Sanchez, Sixto E.; Lemma, Seblewengel; Berhane, Yemane; Zhu, Xiaotong; Vélez, Juan Carlos; Barbosa, Clarita; Anderade, Asterio; Tadesse, Mahlet G.; Williams, Michelle A.
4-Nov-2013Lifesaving emergency obstetric services are inadequate in south-west Ethiopia: a formidable challenge to reducing maternal mortality in EthiopiaGirma, Meseret; Yaya, Yaliso; Gebrehanna, Ewenat; Berhane, Yemane; Lindtjørn, Bernt
25-Sep-2002Patient and health service delay in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in EthiopiaDemissie, Meaza; Lindtjørn, Bernt; Berhane, Yemane
2012Prevalence and Correlates of Mental Distress Among Working Adults in EthiopiaGelaye, Bizu; Lemma, Seblewengel; Deyassa, Negussie; Bahretibeb, Yonas; Tesfaye, Markos; Berhane, Yemane; Williams, Michelle A
2012The Epidemiology of Sleep Quality, Sleep Patterns, Consumption of Caffeinated Beverages, and Khat Use among Ethiopian College StudentsLemma, Seblewengel; Patel, Sheila V.; Tarekegn, Yared A.; Tadesse, Mahlet Getachew; Berhane, Yemane; Gelaye, Bizu; Williams, Michelle A
9-Jan-2008Traditional values of virginity and sexual behaviour in rural Ethiopian youth: results from a cross-sectional studyMolla, Mitike; Berhane, Yemane; Lindtjørn, Bernt