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2007Bioinformatics Analysis of the Early Inflammatory Response in a Rat Thermal Injury ModelYang, Eric; Androulakis, Ioannis P; Maguire, Timothy; Yarmush, Martin Leon; Berthiaume, Francois
2016 JCR Volume 232 June (1).pdf.jpg2016The development and characterization of SDF1 α -elastin-like-peptide nanoparticles for wound healingYeboah, Agnes; Cohen, Rick I; Faulknor, Renea; Schloss, Rene; Yarmush, Martin L; Berthiaume, Francois
2012Development of Metabolic Indicators of Burn Injury: Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) and Acetoacetate Are Highly Correlated to Severity of Burn Injury in RatsIzamis, Maria-Louisa; Uygun, Korkut; Sharma, Nripen S.; Uygun, Basak; Yarmush, Martin L.; Berthiaume, Francois
2013Highly Upregulated Lhx2 in the Foxn1\(^{−/−}\) Nude Mouse Phenotype Reflects a Dysregulated and Expanded Epidermal Stem Cell NicheBohr, Stefan; Patel, Suraj J; Vasko, Radovan; Shen, Keyue; Huang, Guofeng; Yarmush, Martin Leon; Berthiaume, Francois
2009Nest Making and Oxytocin Comparably Promote Wound Healing in Isolation Reared RatsVitalo, Antonia; Fricchione, Jonathan; Hoge, Elizabeth A.; Casali, Monica; Berdichevsky, Yevgeny; Rauch, Scott Laurence; Berthiaume, Francois; Yarmush, Martin Leon; Benson, Herbert; Fricchione, Gregory Lewis; Levine, John Brenner
2013Resuscitation of Ischemic Donor Livers with Normothermic Machine Perfusion: A Metabolic Flux Analysis of Treatment in RatsIzamis, Maria-Louisa; Tolboom, Herman; Uygun, Basak; Berthiaume, Francois; Yarmush, Martin L.; Uygun, Korkut