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1974A Cephalometric study of velar stretch in 8 and 10-year old childrenGarner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Katz, Simon, 1920-1987; Bixler, David; Mourino, Arthur P. (Arthur Peter), 1943-
1967A critical clinical and television radiographic evaluation of indirect pulp cappingPhillips, Ralph W.; Bixler, David; Shafer, William G.; Traubman, Lionel, 1939-
1967A histological study of gingival implants into the dental pulp and connective tissue of dogsMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Mitchell, David F.; Shafer, William G.; Bixler, David; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Henry, Millicent, 1936-
1978Effects of cardiac glycosides on the composition of whole-mixed human salivaStandish, S. Miles, 1923-2003; Barton, Paul; Bixler, David; Shafer, William G., Chair of the Research Committee; El-Kafrawy, Abdel Hady, 1935-; McDonald, John Sanford, 1947-
1972Environmental effects on dental student attitudesRoche, James R., 1924-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Bixler, David; Englander, Meryl E.; Barton, Paul; Walker, Paul O., 1941-
1983Self-concept of parental evaluation of peer relationships in cleft lip and palate childrenAvery, David R.; Barton, Paul; Bixler, David; Harshman, Hardwick W., 1914-; Starkey, Paul E.; Jones, James E. (James Earl), 1950-
1975Vitamin - Fluoride supplements: effect on dental caries and fluorosis in sub-optimum fluoride areasMitchell, David F.; El-Kafrawy, Abdel Hady, 1935-; Roche, James R., 1924-, Chair of the Research Committee; Bixler, David; Katz, Simon, 1920-1987; Standish, S. Miles, 1923-2003; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-