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3-Feb-2014An IL-4-dependent macrophage-iNKT cell circuit resolves sterile inflammation and is defective in mice with chronic granulomatous diseaseDinauer, Mary D.; Kaplan, Mark H.; Goenka, Shreevrat; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Quilliam, Lawrence A.; Zeng, Melody Yue
13-Jan-2014Control of inflammation, helper T cell responses and regulatory T cell function by Bcl6Dent, Alexander L.; Kaplan, Mark H.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Touloukian, Christopher E.; Sawant, Deepali Vijay
16-Mar-2011HIV-1 NEF: THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES AND VIROLOGICAL SYNAPSE-MEDIATED INFECTIONHe, Johnny J.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Georgiadis, Millie M.; Roman, Ann; Green, Linden Ann
18-Nov-2011MECHANISMS OF TGF BETA-INDUCED INHIBITION OF CD1D-MEDIATED ANTIGEN PRESENTATIONBrutkiewicz, Randy R.; Bauer, Margaret E.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Dunn, Kenneth William; Quilliam, Lawrence; Ryan, Jennifer Carrie
-MOUSE EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS EXPRESS FUNCTIONAL TOLL LIKE RECEPTOR 2Broxmeyer, Hal E.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Dent, Alexander L.; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Yoder, Mervin C.; Taylor, Tammi M.
19-Dec-2013PAK1's regulation of eosinophil migration and implications for asthmatic inflammationClapp, D. Wade; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Gunst, Susan J.; Wilkes, David S.; Yang, Feng-Chun; Mwanthi, Muithi
9-Mar-2011THE DEVELOPMENT AND COMMITMENT OF T HELPER SUBSETSKaplan, Mark H.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Dent, Alexander L.; Harrington, Maureen A.; Stritesky, Gretta L.
11-Dec-2013The regulation of allergic airway disease by type V collagen-induced toleranceWilkes, David S.; Kaplan, Mark H.; Smith, Gerald N.; Vasko, Michael R.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Lott, Jeremy M.
11-Jul-2014The role of acid sphingomyelinase in autophagyPetrache, Irina; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Wek, Ronald C.; Justice, Matthew Jose
2009THE ROLE OF HSPs IN MHC CLASS II PRESENTATION OF SELECT ANTIGENSBlum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Brutkiewicz, Randy R.; Klemsz, Michael J.; Thurmond, Debbie C.; Houlihan, Josetta Lynn
10-Dec-2013The role of STAT1 in Chlamydia-induced type I interferon responses in oviduct epitheliumDerbigny, Wilbert A; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Goebl, Mark, 1958-; Johnson, Raymond M.; Kaplan, Mark H.; Hosey, Kristen L.
7-Oct-2013Transcription factors in the development of Th9 cellsKaplan, Mark H.; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Carlesso, Nadia; Dent, Alexander L.; Tepper, Robert S.; Goswami, Ritobrata
23-Aug-2011TRP-1 AS A MODEL TUMOR ANTIGEN FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY AND IMMUNE TOLERANCE IN THE THYMUSTouloukian, Christopher; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Brutkiewicz, Randy R.; Kaplan, Mark H.; Travers, Jeffrey B.; Brandmaier, Andrew G.