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310-20.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Dialysis modality choice in diabetic patients with end-stage kidney disease: a systematic review of the available evidenceCouchoud, Cecile; Bolignano, Davide; Nistor, Ionut; Jager, Kitty J; Heaf, James; Heimburger, Olle; Van Biesen, Wim
2018 NDT Volume 33 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2018Effect of renin – angiotensin – aldosterone system blockade in adults with diabetes mellitus and advanced chronic kidney disease not on dialysis : a systematic review and meta-analysisNistor, Ionut; Sutter, Johan De; Drechsler, Christiane; Goldsmith, David; Soler, Maria Jose; Tomson, Charles; Wiecek, Andrzej; Donciu, Mihaela-dora; Bolignano, Davide; Biesen, Wim Van
2017 NDT Volume 32 Issue 9 September (1).pdf.jpg2017Full Reviews Renal safety of catheter-based renal denervation : systematic review and meta-analysisSanders, Margreet F; Reitsma, Johannes B; Morpey, Moira; Gremmels, Hendrik; Bots, Michiel L; Pisano, Anna; Bolignano, Davide; Zoccali, Carmine; Blankestijn, Peter J
2017 NDT Volume 32 Issue 8 August (5).pdf.jpg2017Full Reviews Why creating standardized core outcome sets for chronic kidney disease will improve clinical practiceNistor, Ionut; Bolignano, Davide; Haller, Maria C; Nagler, Evi; Veer, Sabine N Van Der; Jager, Kitty; Covic, Adrian; Webster, Angela; Biesen, Wim Van
2016 PN Volume 31 Issue 11 November (9).pdf.jpg2016Good-quality research in rare diseases : trials and tribulationsBolignano, Davide; Pisano, Anna
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 4 April (2).pdf.jpg2016High versus low dialysate sodium concentration in chronic haemodialysis patients : a systematic review of 23 studiesBasile, Carlo; Pisano, Anna; Lisi, Piero; Rossi, Luigi; Lomonte, Carlo; Bolignano, Davide
Nephrology 2017 Volume 32 Supplement 2 April (25).pdf.jpg2017Non-proteinuric rather than proteinuric renal diseases are the leading cause of end-stage kidney diseaseBolignano, Davide; Zoccali, Carmine
Nephrology 2017 Volume 32 Issue 1 January  (9).pdf.jpg2017Renal biopsy in patients with diabetes : a pooled meta-analysis of 48 studiesFiorentino, Marco; Bolignano, Davide; Tesar, Vladimir; Pisano, Anna; Biesen, Wim Van
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Timing of start of dialysis in diabetes mellitus patients : a systematic literature review *Nacak, Hakan; Bolignano, Davide; Diepen, Merel Van; Dekker, Friedo; Biesen, Wim Van