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8-Oct-2014A clinical audit of the implementation of the tuberculosis screening tool amongst clients who are on anti-retroviral therapy in the eThekwini local municipality clinicsBotha, Izel; Munsamy, Michelle
2010A comparative study of Hahnemannian and radionically prepared potencies of Natrum muriaticum using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyNaude, David F.; Botha, Izel; Allsopp, Clare
2005A comparative study of the nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of Kalium Bichromicum 12CH manufactured from 3CH and 4CH triturations respectivelyBotha, Izel
2011A comparison of symptoms derived from a C4 trituration and the materia medica of an existing, well-proven homoeopathic remedyBotha, Izel; Goote, Chryso
2011A comparison of the efficacy of two homoeopathic interventions in the treatment of primary hypertension in adult femalesBotha, Izel; Aboobaker, Raeesa
2011A study of the factors involved in establishing a successful homoeopathic practice in South AfricaBotha, Izel; Kidd, Dominique Michelle
2011A study of the relationship between the natural history of the Solanaceae species and the general and mental symptomatology of the Solanaceae remedies utilised in homoeopathyBotha, Izel; Long, Bryan Henry
13-Nov-2013Assessment of the antibacterial activity of Artemisia afra, Erythrina lysistemon and Psidium guajavaMtshali, Joyce Nonhlanhla; Botha, Izel; Adam, Jamila Khatoon; Nsele, Nhlanhla Wiseman
2011The effect of Phosphoricum acidum 200CH on the adverse physiological effects induced by exercise in cyclistsBotha, Izel; Pantalone, Giovanni
27-Aug-2012The perceptions and management of ADD/ADHD by homoeopathic practitioners in KwaZulu-NatalBotha, Izel; Medina, Megan
2010Towards an integrated methodology : C4, Sherr and Dream provings of Protea cynaroidesSooryamoorthy, Radhamany; Ross, Ashley Hilton Adrian; Botha, Izel