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2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 3 September (37).pdf.jpg2017ACQUIRED : EDUCATION : INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PERSPECTIVE Cardiac surgery training in Canada : Current state and future perspectivesNoly, Pierre-emmanuel; Rubens, Fraser D; Ouzounian, Maral; Quantz, Mac; Shao-hua, Wang; Bouchard, Denis
JTCS 2017 Volume 153 Issue 1 January (46).pdf.jpg2017Acquired : Letters to the EditorBouchard, Denis; Perrault, Louis P; Kron, Irving L; Hung, Judy W
2017 BJH Volume 177 Issue 2 April (19).pdf.jpg2017Conduction Disorders After Sutureless Aortic Valve ReplacementBouhout, Ismail; Mazine, Amine; Rivard, Lena; Ghoneim, Aly; El-Hamamsy, Ismail; Lamarche, Yoan; Carrier, Michel; Demers, Philippe; Bouchard, Denis
2016 JTCS Volume 151 Issue 4 April (91).pdf.jpg2016EDITORIAL : ACQUIRED : MITRAL VALVE Identifying patients who benefit from restrictive annuloplasty in ischemic mitral regurgitation : An elusive yet essential quest ! Toward a patient-tailored approachBlossier, Jean-david; Bouchard, Denis; Michler, Robert E
2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 2 August (31).pdf.jpg2017Examining the impact of active clearance of chest drainage catheters on postoperative atrial fibrillationSt-onge, Samuel; Ali, Walid Ben; Bouhout, Ismail; Bouchard, Denis; Lamarche, Yoan; Perrault, Louis P; Demers, Philippe
2016 JTCS Volume 151 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2016Perioperative outcomes with sutureless versus stented biological aortic valves in elderly personsForcillo, Jessica; Bouchard, Denis; Nguyen, Anthony; Perrault, Louis; Cartier, Raymond; Pellerin, Michel; Demers, Philippe
2017 ATS Volume 104 Issue 2 August (39).pdf.jpg2017Reexamining the Role of Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement After MediastinalGhoneim, Aly; Bouhout, Ismail; Perrault, Louis P; Bouchard, Denis; Pellerin, Michel; Lamarche, Yoan; Demers, Philippe; Carrier, Michel; Cartier, Raymond; El-hamamsy, Ismail
2016 AA Volume 122 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2016Risk Factors Involved in Central-to-Radial Arterial Pressure Gradient During Cardiac SurgeryFuda, Giuseppe; Denault, André; Deschamps, Alain; Bouchard, Denis
1399.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation during mitral-valve surgeryGillinov, A Marc; Gelijns, Annetine C; Parides, Michael K; DeRose, Joseph J; Moskowitz, Alan J; Voisine, Pierre; Ailawadi, Gorav; Bouchard, Denis; Smith, Peter K; Mack, Michael J; Acker, Michael A; Mullen, John C; Rose, Eric A; Chang, Helena L; Puskas, John D; Couderc, Jean-Philippe; Gardner, Timothy J; Varghese, Robin; Horvath, Keith A; Bolling, Steven F; Michler, Robert E; Geller, Nancy L; Ascheim, Deborah D; Miller, Marissa A; Bagiella, Emilia; Moquete, Ellen G; Williams, Paula; Taddei-Peters, Wendy C; O'Gara, Patrick T; Blackstone, Eugene H; Argenziano, Michael
851.pdf.jpgOct-2015Sutureless aortic valve replacement in patients who have bicuspid aortic valveNguyen, Anthony; Fortin, William; Mazine, Amine; Bouchard, Denis; Carrier, Michel; El Hamamsy, Ismail; Lamarche, Yoan; Demers, Philippe
2016 JTCS Volume 152 Issue 4 October (48).pdf.jpg2016To be followed . A comparison of minimally invasive and standard aortic valve replacementBouchard, Denis; Perrault, Louis P