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2012An Evolutionarily Conserved Enhancer Regulates Bmp4 Expression in Developing Incisor and Limb BudLachke, Salil A.; O’Connell, Daniel J.; Aboukhalil, Anton; Choe, Sung E.; Turbe-Doan, Annick; Robertson, Erin A.; Amendt, Brad A.; Jumlongras, Dolrudee; Li, Xiao; Ho, Joshua Wing Kei; Olsen, Bjorn Reino; Bulyk, Martha Leonia; Maas, Richard Louis
2012Bioinformatic and Molecular Investigation of Sirt3 ExpressionSwindell, William R; Satterstrom, F. Kyle Kyle; Bulyk, Martha Leonia; Haigis, Marcia C.
2006Biological Code Breaking in the 21st CenturyBulyk, Martha Leonia; Michelson, Alan M.
2003Computational Prediction of Transcription-Factor Binding Site LocationsBulyk, Martha Leonia
2006Expression-Guided in Silico Evaluation of Candidate Cis Regulatory Codes for Drosophila Muscle Founder CellsBusser, Brian W; Gisselbrecht, Stephen S; He, Fangxue Sherry; Estrada, Beatriz; Philippakis, Anthony Andrew; Michelson, Alan D; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2010Genome-Wide Analysis of ETS-Family DNA-Binding In Vitro and In VivoWei, Gong-Hong; Badis, Gwenael; Berger, Michael F; Kivioja, Teemu; Palin, Kimmo; Enge, Martin; Bonke, Martin; Jolma, Arttu; Varjosalo, Markku; Gehrke, Andrew R; Yan, Jian; Talukder, Shaheynoor; Turunen, Mikko; Taipale, Mikko; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G; Ukkonen, Esko; Hughes, Timothy R; Taipale, Jussi; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2007Inferring Condition-Specific Transcription Factor Function from DNA Binding and Gene Expression DataMcCord, Rachel Patton; Berger, Michael F; Philippakis, Anthony Andrew; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2004Integrative Functional GenomicsBulyk, Martha Leonia
2006Meta-Analysis Discovery of Tissue-Specific DNA Sequence Motifs from Mammalian Gene Expression DataHuber, Bertrand R; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2012Meta-Profiles of Gene Expression during Aging: Limited Similarities between Mouse and Human and an Unexpectedly Decreased Inflammatory SignatureSun, Liou; Xing, Xianying; Fisher, Gary J.; Elder, James T.; Gudjonsson, Johann E.; Bulyk, Martha Leonia; Johnston, Andrew; Swindell, William R.
2010Objective Sequence-Based Subfamily Classifications of Mouse Homeodomains Reflect Their In Vitro DNA-Binding PreferencesSantos, Miguel A.; Turinsky, Andrei L.; Ong, Serene; Tsai, Jennifer; Berger, Michael F.; Badis, Gwenael; Talukder, Shaheynoor; Gehrke, Andrew R.; Hughes, Timothy R.; Wodak, Shoshana J.; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2008Predicting the Binding Preference of Transcription Factors to Individual DNA \(\kappa\)-mersAlleyne, Trevis M.; Peña-Castillo, Lourdes; Badis, Gwenael; Talukder, Shaheynoor; Berger, Michael F.; Gehrke, Andrew R.; Morris, Quaid D.; Hughes, Timothy R.; Philippakis, Anthony Andrew; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2009Short-Term Calorie Restriction in Male Mice Feminizes Gene Expression and Alters Key Regulators of Conserved Aging Regulatory PathwaysEstep, Preston Wayne; Warner, Jason B.; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2008The Vibrio harveyi Master Quorum-sensing Regulator, LuxR, a TetR-type Protein is Both an Activator and a Repressor: DNA Recognition and Binding Specificity at Target PromotersPompeani, Audra J; Irgon, Joseph J; Berger, Michael F; Wingreen, Ned S; Bassler, Bonnie L; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2010UniPROBE, Update 2011: Expanded Content and Search Tools in the Online Database of Protein-Binding Microarray Data on Protein–DNA InteractionsRobasky, Kimberly; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2009UniPROBE: An Online Database of Protein Binding Microarray Data on Protein–DNA InteractionsNewburger, Daniel E.; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2011Using a Structural and Logics Systems Approach to Infer bHLH-DNA Binding Specificity DeterminantsDe Masi, Federico; Grove, Christian A.; Vedenko, Anastasia; Gisselbrecht, Stephen S.; Serrano, Luis; Walhout, Albertha J. M.; Alibés, Andreu; Bulyk, Martha Leonia
2010Using Protein Design Algorithms to Understand the Molecular Basis of Disease Caused by Protein–DNA Interactions: The Pax6 ExampleAlibés, Andreu; Nadra, Alejandro D.; De Masi, Federico; Serrano, Luis; Stricher, François; Bulyk, Martha Leonia