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2017 AHJ Volume 187 May (1).pdf.jpg2017Baseline characteristics of patients enrolled in the Exenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL)Mentz, Robert J.; Bethel, M. Angelyn; Gustavson, Stephanie; Thompson, Vivian P.; Pagidipati, Neha J.; Buse, John B.; Chan, Juliana C.; Iqbal, Nayyar; Maggioni, Aldo P.; Marso, Steve P.; Ohman, Peter; Poulter, Neil; Ramachandran, Ambady; Zinman, Bernard; Hernandez, Adri
2013Cancer Incidence Among Those Initiating Insulin Therapy With Glargine Versus Human NPH InsulinStürmer, Til; Marquis, M. Alison; Zhou, Haibo; Meigs, James B.; Lim, Soo; Blonde, Lawrence; MacDonald, Eileen; Wang, Ray; LaVange, Lisa M.; Pate, Virginia; Buse, John B.
2017 EPLOGY Volume 28 Issue 3 May (23).pdf.jpg2017Comparative Effect of Initiating Metformin Versus Sulfonylureas on Breast Cancer Risk in Older WomenHong, Jin-Liern; Jonsson Funk, Michele; Buse, John B.; Henderson, Louise M.; Lund, Jennifer L.; Pate, Virginia; Stürmer, Til
2014Electronic Medical Record Cancer Incidence over Six Years Comparing New Users of Glargine with New Users of NPH InsulinLim, Soo; Stember, Katherine G.; He, Wei; Bianca, Porneala C.; Yelibi, Carine; Marquis, Alison; Stürmer, Til; Buse, John B.; Meigs, James B.
2014LEADER 3—Lipase and Amylase Activity in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes: Baseline Data From Over 9000 Subjects in the LEADER TrialSteinberg, William M.; Nauck, Michael A.; Zinman, Bernard; Daniels, Gilbert H.; Bergenstal, Richard M.; Mann, Johannes F.E.; Steen Ravn, Lasse; Moses, Alan C.; Stockner, Mette; Baeres, Florian M.M.; Marso, Steven P.; Buse, John B.