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EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 5 April (4).pdf.jpg2017Disease burden of hepatitis E in a rural population in China : a community-based surveyJiang, H; Huang, S; Zhao, Y; Wang, Y; Yang, C; Cai, J
2010Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells from umbilical cord matrix and amniotic membrane mesenchymal cellsSo, KF; Cai, J; Li, W; Su, H; Qin, D; Yang, J; Zhu, F; Xu, J; He, W; Guo, X; Labuda, K; Peterbauer, A; Wolbank, S; Zhong, M; Li, Z; Wu, WT; Redl, H; Zeng, L; Esteban, MA; Pei, D
2013Immediate expression of Cdh2 is essential for efficient neural differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cellsSu, H; Wang, L; Huang, W; Qin, D; Cai, J; Yao, X; Feng, C; Li, Z; Wang, Y; So, KF; Pan, G; Wu, W; Pei, D
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 8 June (25).pdf.jpg2016Interpreting the transmissibility of the avian in fl uenza A ( H7N9 ) infection from 2013 to 2015 in Zhejiang Province , ChinaChong, K C; Wang, X; Liu, S; Cai, J; Su, X; Zee, B C; Tam, G
1833.pdf.jpgJul-2015Prognosis and survival of 128 patients with severe avian influenza A(H7N9) infection in Zhejiang province, ChinaXiao, Y Y; Cai, J; Wang, X Y; Li, F D; Shang, X P; Wang, X X; Lin, J F; He, F
2013The effect of an NgR1 antagonist on the neuroprotection of cortical axons after cortical infarction in ratsZhan, H; Sun, SJ; Cai, J; Li, YQ; Hu, CL; Lee, DHS; Li, X; So, KF
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 7 September (10).pdf.jpg2017Thromboembolism Induced by Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Infusion: A Report of Two Cases and Literature ReviewWu, Z; Zhang, S; Zhou, L; Cai, J; Tan, J; Gao, X; Zeng, Z; Li, D
2013Transplanted motoneurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells form functional connections with target muscleSu, H; Wang, L; Cai, J; Yuan, Q; Yang, X; Yao, X; Wong, WM; Huang, W; Li, Z; Wan, JB; Wang, Y; Pei, D; So, KF; Qin, D; Wu, W
JURO 2017 Volume 197 Issue 2 February (43).pdf.jpg2017Urological Oncology : Bladder , Penis and Urethral Cancer , and Basic Principles of Oncology Re : Utility and Significance of Ureteric Frozen Section Analysis during Radical Cystectomy Re : Comprehensive Genomic Profiling of 295 Cases of Clinically AdvancSatkunasivam, R; Hu, B; Metcalfe, C; Ghodoussipour, S B; Aron, M; Cai, J; Miranda, G; Gill, I; Daneshmand, S