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ArchivesofDermatology 2018 Volume 154 Issue 10 October (15).pdf.jpg2018Accuracy of Digital Pathologic Analysis vs Traditional Microscopy in the Interpretation of Melanocytic LesionsOnega, Tracy; Barnhill, Raymond L; Piepkorn, Michael W; Longton, Gary M; Elder, David E; Weinstock, Martin A; Knezevich, Stevan R; Reisch, Lisa M; Carney, Patricia A; Nelson, Heidi D; Radick, Andrea C; Elmore, Joann G
MedicalTeacher 2018 Volume 40 Issue 8 August (6).pdf.jpg2018Assessing learning in the adaptive curriculumCarney, Patricia A; Mejicano, George C; Bumsted, Tracy; Quirk, Mark; Carney, Patricia A; Mejicano, George C; Bumsted, Tracy; Quirk, Mark
w486.pdf.jpgApr-2015Criteria for identifying radiologists with acceptable screening mammography interpretive performance on basis of multiple performance measuresMiglioretti, Diana L; Ichikawa, Laura; Smith, Robert A; Bassett, Lawrence W; Feig, Stephen A; Monsees, Barbara; Parikh, Jay R; Rosenberg, Robert D; Sickles, Edward A; Carney, Patricia A
2016 JAAD Volume 74 Issue 2 February (19).pdf.jpg2016How concerns and experiences with medical malpractice affect dermatopathologists ’ perceptions of their diagnostic practices when interpreting cutaneous melanocytic lesionsCarney, Patricia A; Frederick, Paul D; Reisch, Lisa M; Knezevich, Stevan; Piepkorn, Michael W; Barnhill, Raymond L; Elder, David E; Chb, M B; Geller, Berta M; Titus, Linda; Weinstock, Martin A; Nelson, Heidi D; Elmore, Joann G
AJoCP 2018 Volume 150 Issue 4 October (6).pdf.jpg2018Malpractice Concerns , Defensive Medicine , and the Histopathology Diagnosis of Melanocytic Skin LesionsTitus, Linda J; Reisch, Lisa M; Tosteson, Anna N A; Nelson, Heidi D; Frederick, Paul D; Carney, Patricia A; Barnhill, Raymond L
2016 AM Volume 91 Issue 9 September (32).pdf.jpg2016A Model for Catalyzing Educational and Clinical Transformation in Primary Care: Outcomes From a Partnership Among Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and PediatricsEiff, M Patrice; Green, Larry A; Holmboe, Eric; Mcdonald, Furman S; Klink, Kathleen; Smith, David Gary; Carraccio, Carol; Harding, Rose; Dexter, Eve; Marino, Miguel; Jones, Sam; Caverzagie, Kelly; Mustapha, Mumtaz; Carney, Patricia A
2016 AM Volume 91 Issue 5 May (36).pdf.jpg2016Tools to Assess Behavioral and Social Science Competencies in Medical Education : A Systematic ReviewCarney, Patricia A; Palmer, Ryan T; Miller, Marissa Fuqua; Thayer, Erin K; Estroff, Sue E; Litzelman, Debra K; Biagioli, Frances E; Teal, Cayla R; Lambros, Ann; Hatt, William J; Satterfield, Jason M
1054.pdf.jpgAug-2015Transforming primary care residency training: a collaborative faculty development initiative among family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric residenciesCarney, Patricia A; Eiff, M Patrice; Green, Larry A; Carraccio, Carol; Smith, David Gary; Pugno, Perry A; Iobst, William; McGuinness, Gail; Klink, Kathleen; Jones, Samuel M; Tucker, Leslie; Holmboe, Eric