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2017 IJROBP Volume 98 Issue 5 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Capecitabine With Mitomycin Reduces Acute Hematologic Toxicity and Treatment Delays in Patients Undergoing Definitive Chemoradiation Using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Anal CancerGoodman, Karyn A; Julie, Diana; Cercek, Andrea; Cambridge, Lajhem; Woo, Kaitlin M; Zhang, Zhigang; Wu, Abraham J; Reidy, Diane L; Segal, Neil H; Stadler, Zsofia K; Saltz, Leonard B
2017 COG Volume 33 Issue 2 March (5).pdf.jpg2017The care of the colorectal cancer survivorCercek, Andrea; Holt, Peter R
2017 COG Volume 33 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2017The care of the colorectal cancer survivorCercek, Andrea; Holt, Peter R
2017 BJD Volume 176 Issue 4 April (21).pdf.jpg2017Clinical and genetic determinants of ovarian metastases from colorectal cancerGanesh, Karuna; Shah, Ronak H.; Vakiani, Efsevia; Nash, Garrett M.; Skottowe, Hugh P.; Yaeger, Rona; Cercek, Andrea; Lincoln, Anne; Tran, Christina; Segal, Neil H.; Reidy, Diane L.; Varghese, Anna; Epstein, Andrew S.; Sonoda, Yukio; Chi, Dennis; Guillem, Jose; Temple, La
2017 JCLIONC Volume 35 Issue 17 June (12).pdf.jpg2017Perioperative Hepatic Arterial Infusion Pump Chemotherapy Is Associated With Longer Survival After Resection of Colorectal Liver Metastases : A Propensity Score AnalysisKoerkamp, Bas Groot; Sadot, Eran; Kemeny, Nancy E; Mithat, G; Leal, Julie N; Allen, Peter J; Cercek, Andrea; Dematteo, Ronald P; Kingham, T Peter; Jarnagin, William R; Angelica, Michael I D
2017 JAAD Volume 77 Issue 3 September (11).pdf.jpg2017A prospective, randomized, double-blinded, split-face/chest study of prophylactic topical dapsone 5% gel versus moisturizer for the prevention of cetuximab-induced acneiform rashBelum, Viswanath R; Marchetti, Michael A; Dusza, Stephen W; Mph, Drph; Cercek, Andrea; Kemeny, Nancy E; Lacouture, Mario E
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 18 June (25).pdf.jpg2016Reliable Detection of Mismatch Repair De fi ciency in Colorectal Cancers Using Mutational Load in Next-Generation Sequencing PanelsStadler, K; Battaglin, Francesca; Middha, Sumit; Hechtman, Jaclyn F; Tran, Christina; Cercek, Andrea; Yaeger, Rona; Segal, Neil H; Varghese, Anna M; Reidy-lagunes, Diane L; Kemeny, Nancy E; Salo-mullen, Erin E; Ashraf, Asad; Weiser, Martin R; Garcia-aguilar, Julio; Robson, Mark E; Of, Kenneth; Arcila, Maria E; Berger, Michael F; Shia, Jinru; Solit, David B; Saltz, Leonard B