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2012A randomized controlled trial of qigong exercise on fatigue symptoms, functioning, and telomerase activity in persons with chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndromeChan, JSM; Wang, CW; Lau, BWM; Yuen, LP; Sham, JST; Ho, RTH; So, KF; Chan, CLW
2014A randomized, wait-list controlled trial of a Qigong Intervention Program on Telomerase Activity and Psychological Stress in abused Chinese womenYuk, HYK; Ma, JLC; Tiwari, A; Chan, CLW; Ho, RTH; Tsao, GSW; Deng, W; Hong, AWL; Fong, DYT
2014Effect of a qigong intervention program on telomerase activity and psychological stress in abused Chinese women: a randomized, wait-list controlled trialYuk Fung, HYK; Pang, PS; Cheung, ST; Ma, JLC; Tiwari, AFY; Chan, CLW; Ho, RTH; Tsao, GSW; Deng, W; Hong, WL; Fong, DYT
2014The Impacts Of Aerobic Exercise And Mind-Body Exercise (Yoga) On Neuro-Cognition And Clinical Symptoms In Early Psychosis: A Single-Blind Radomized Controlled Clinical TrialSu, W; Honer, WG; Tse, MA; Lin, J; Chen, EYH; Lee, HME; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Khong, PL; Chan, CLW; So, KF
2012The impacts of yoga and aerobic exercise on neuro-cognition and brain structure in early psychosis: a preliminary analysis of the randomized controlled clinical trialLin, X; Joe, G; Honer, WG; Su, W; Tse, M; Chiu, CPY; Chen, EYH; Lam, MML; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Wong, GHY; Khong, PL; Chan, CLW; So, KF
2013The regulation of HPA activity and anti-aging effect of Qigong exercise for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: telomerase activity and salivary cortisolChan, JSM; Ng, BFL; Ziea, ETC; Lau, BWM; Cheung, IKM; Ho, RTH; Ng, SM; So, KF; Chan, CLW
2013Yoga and aerobic exercise in early psychosis: neurocognitive effects and brain changes of a novel clinical strategyLin, J; Joe, GM; Honer, WG; Tse, MA; Lam, MML; Chan, KW; Chang, WC; Lee, HM; Chiu, CPY; Khong, PL; Chan, CLW; So, KF; Chen, EYH