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1998Characterization of glycoconjugates of guinea pig seminal vesicle by lectin histochemistryChan, FL; Wong, YC
2011Chemopreventive effect of PSP through targeting of prostate cancer stem cell-like populationLuk, SU; Lee, TKW; Liu, J; Lee, DTW; Chiu, YT; Ma, S; Ng, IOL; Wong, YC; Chan, FL; Ling, MT
1993Effects of cis-4-hydroxy-L-proline on the androgen-induced growth of the lateral prostate of the prepubertally castrated guinea pigWong, YC; Chan, FL
2005Enhanced induction of prostatic dysplasia and carcinoma in Noble rat model by combination of neonatal estrogen exposure and hormonal treatments at adulthood.Yuen, MT; Leung, LK; Wang, J; Wong, YC; Chan, FL
2003Expression study of three secretory proteins (Prostatic secretory protein of 94 amino acids, probasin, and seminal vesicle secretion II) in dysplastic and neoplastic rat prostatesKwong, J; Lui, K; Chan, PSF; Ho, SM; Wong, YC; Xuan, JW; Chan, FL
2005FTY720, a fungus metabolite, inhibits in vivo growth of androgen-independent prostate cancerLing, MT; Man, K; Wong, YC; Chua, CW; Lee, DTW; Zhou, C; Ho, J; Chan, FL; Wang, X
2005Id-1 protein is a new marker for PCAWong, YC; Ling, MT; Ouyang, XS; Cheung, A; Chan, FL; Wang, X
2003Identification of a specifically expressed modified form of novel PSP-94 protein in the secretion of benign prostatic hyperplasiaXu, K; Wang, X; Ling, MT; Lee, DTW; Fan, T; Chan, FL; Xuan, JJW; Tsao, SW; Wong, YC
2003Mouse PSP94 expression is prostate tissue-specific as demonstrated by a comparison of multiple antibodies against recombinant proteinsThota, A; Karajgikar, M; Duan, W; Gabril, MY; Chan, FL; Wong, YC; Sakai, H; Chin, JL; Moussa, M; Xuan, JW
2008Orphan nuclear receptor estrogen-related receptor-β suppresses in vitro and in vivo growth of prostate cancer cells via p21WAF1/CIP1 induction and as a potential therapeutic target in prostate cancerYu, S; Wong, YC; Wang, XH; Ling, MT; Ng, CF; Chen, S; Chan, FL
2004Prostate cancer: The Id1 storyWong, YC; Wang, XH; Ling, MT; Ouyang, XS; Chan, FL
2005Up-regulation of TWIST in prostate cancer and its implication as a therapeutic targetLing, MT; Chan, KW; Wong, YC; Kwok, WK; Lee, TW; Lau, TCM; Zhou, C; Zhang, X; Chua, CW; Chan, FL; Glackin, C; Wang, X