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2006Design realization and characterization of a position sensitive detector for fast optical measurementQi, X; Lin, B; Chen, D; Cao, X; Chen, Y
1950.pdf.jpgJul-2015Epidemiological features of pertussis resurgence based on community populations with high vaccination coverage in ChinaHuang, H; Zhu, T; Gao, C; Gao, Z; Liu, Y; Ding, Y; Sun, J; Guo, L; Liu, P; Chen, D; Wang, L; Wu, S; Zhang, Y
2005Fabrication and characterization of a new type 4 × 4 arrayed position sensitive detectorXunjun, QI; Lin, B; Chen, D; Chen, Y
2004Fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional pin-cushion position sensitive detectorsChen, D; Lin, B; Chen, Y
2005Modeling of PSD based on Schottky-barrier junctionTan, C; Lin, B; Chen, D; Chen, Y
e117.pdf.jpgJan-2015Randomized clinical trial of autologous skin cell suspension combined with skin grafting for chronic woundsHu, Z-C; Chen, D; Guo, D; Liang, Y-Y; Zhang, J; Zhu, J-Y; Tang, B
2011Soluble Nogo-66 receptor prevents synaptic dysfunction and rescues retinal ganglion cell loss in chronic glaucoma.So, KF; Fu, QL; Liao, XX; Li, X; Chen, D; Shi, J; Wen, W; Lee, DH
2004Study of the transient response of one-dimensional PSD based on finite difference methodChen, D; Lin, B; Chen, Y
2011The expression patterns of nogo-A, myelin associated glycoprotein and oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein in the retina after ocular hypertension : the expression of myelin proteins in the retina in glaucomaLiao, XX; Chen, D; Shi, J; Sun, YQ; Sun, SJ; So, KF; Fu, QL