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2017 BJSM Volume 51 Issue 6 March (16).pdf.jpg2017Acupuncture for sciatica and a comparison with Western Medicine ( PEDro synthesis )Ji, M; Wang, X; Chen, M
2016 APRP Volume 310 Issue 11 June (16).pdf.jpg2016The C-terminal tail of polycystin-1 regulates complement factor B expression by signal transducer and activator of transcription 1Wu, Ming; Chen, Meihan; Jing, Ying; Gu, Junhui; Mei, Shuqin; Yao, Qing; Zhou, Jie; Yang, Ming; Sun, Lijun; Wang, Wutao; Hu, Huimin; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Mei, Changlin; Wu, M; Chen, M; Jing, Y; Gu, J; Mei, S; Yao, Q; Zhou, J; Yang, M; Sun, L; Wang, W; Hu, H; Rp, Wüthrich; C-terminal, Mei C The
13.pdf.jpgJun-2015CT and MRI findings of radiation-induced external auditory canal carcinoma in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapyZhang, X; Bai, S; Li, H; Hu, H; Duan, X; Chen, M; Wang, D; Chen, Y; Zhang, F; Shen, J
2012Development and degeneration of cone bipolar cells are independent of cone photoreceptors in a mouse model of retinitis pigmentosaChen, M; Wang, K; Lin, B
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 7 May (20).pdf.jpg2016Diagnostic uncertainty of herpangina and hand-foot-and-mouth disease and its impact on national enterovirus syndromic monitoringYang, T O; Huang, W; Chen, M
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 3 February (16).pdf.jpg2017Induction of labour for suspected macrosomia at term in non-diabetic women: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsMagro-Malosso, Er; Saccone, G; Chen, M; Navathe, R; Tommaso, M Di; Berghella, V
2011Overexpression of eIF-5A2 in mice causes accelerated organismal aging by increasing chromosome instabilityHuang, JD; Deng, W; Huen, MSY; Guan, XY; Chen, M; Deng, HK; Dong, S; Tsang, SL; Chen, L; Zan, T; Zhu, GX
2016 AJNLPLCMP Volume 310 Issue 2 January (6).pdf.jpg2016Real-time Visualization of Lung Function : from Micro to Macro Neutrophilic oxidative stress mediates organic dust-induced pulmonary inflammation and airway hyperresponsivenessMcgovern, Toby K; Chen, Michael; Allard, Benoit; Larsson, Kjell; Martin, James G; Adner, Mikael; Tk, Mcgovern; Chen, M; Allard, B; Larsson, K; Jg, Martin
2016 NDT Volume 31 Issue 11 November (32).pdf.jpg2016Resveratrol delays polycystic kidney disease progression through attenuation of nuclear factor kappaB-induced inflammationWu, M; Gu, J; Mei, S; Xu, D; Jing, Y; Yao, Q; Chen, M; Yang, M; Chen, S; Yang, B; Qi, N; Hu, H; Wuthrich, R P; Mei, C
3196.pdf.jpgNov-2015The relationship between chitotriosidase activity and tuberculosisChen, M; Deng, J; Li, W; Su, C; Xia, Y; Wang, M; Li, X; Abuaku, B K; Tan, H; Wen, S W
2017 JoUrology Volume 198 Issue 5 November (39).pdf.jpg2017Trauma , and Genital and Urethral Reconstruction Re : Safety and Surgical Outcomes of Same-Day Anterior Urethroplasty Re : Anterior Urethroplasty Has Transitioned to an Outpatient Procedure without Serious Rise in Complications : Data from the National SuTheisen, K; Fuller, T W; Bansal, U; Reese, J; Lamm, V; Chen, M; Rusilko, P