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2017 Cancer Volume 123 Issue 13 July (5).pdf.jpg2017Does the Frequency of Molecular Monitoring After Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Discontinuation Affect Outcomes of Patients With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia ?Kong, Jee Hyun; Winton, Elliott F; Heffner, Leonard T; Chen, Zhengjia
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2017Health-related Quality of Life ( HR-QOL ) and Chronic Health Conditions in Survivors of Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia ( AML ) with Down Syndrome ( DS ): A Report From the Children ’ s Oncology GroupSchultz, Kris Ann P; Chen, Lu; Kunin-batson, Alicia; Chen, Zhengjia; Woods, William G; Gamis, Alan; Kawashima, Toana; Oeffinger, Kevin C; Nicholson, H Stacy; Neglia, Joseph P
JNM 2017 Volume 58 Issue 3 March (14).pdf.jpg2017Impact of 18 F-Fluciclovine PET on Target Volume Definition for Postprostatectomy Salvage Radiotherapy : Initial Findings from a Randomized TrialJani, Ashesh B; Schreibmann, Eduard; Rossi, Peter J; Shelton, Joseph; Godette, Karen; Nieh, Peter; Master, Viraj A; Kucuk, Omer; Goodman, Mark; Halkar, Raghuveer; Cooper, Sherrie; Chen, Zhengjia; Schuster, David M
2017 CANCER Volume 123 Issue 24 December (5).pdf.jpg2017Inhibiting Heat Shock Protein 90 and the Ubiquitin- Proteasome Pathway Impairs Metabolic Homeostasis and Leads to Cell Death in Human Pancreatic Cancer CellsBelalcazar, Astrid; Shaib, Walid L; Farren, Matthew R; Zhang, Chao; Chen, Zhengjia
2016 JOPM Volume 45  Issue 6 June (18).pdf.jpg2016A novel prediction model for human papillomavirus- associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma using p16 and subcellular b -catenin expressionWang, Dongsheng; Zhang, Hongzheng; Qian, Guoqing; Hu, Zhongliang; Xu, Hong; Susan, M; Kim, Sungjin; Chen, Zhengjia; Saba, Nabil F; Shin, Dong M; Wang, Andrew Y; Chen, Zhuo Georgia
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 10 September (10).pdf.jpg2016Recurrent prostate cancer detection with anti -3- [ 18 F ] FACBC PET / CT : comparison with CTOdewole, Oluwaseun A; Tade, Funmilayo I; Nieh, Peter T; Savir-baruch, Bital; Jani, Ashesh B; Master, Viraj A; Rossi, Peter J; Halkar, Raghuveer K; Osunkoya, Adeboye O; Akin-akintayo, Oladunni; Zhang, Chao; Chen, Zhengjia