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2014A-770041 reverses paclitaxel and doxorubicin resistance in osteosarcoma cellsDuan, Zhenfeng; Zhang, Jianming; Ye, Shunan; Shen, Jacson; Choy, Edwin; Cote, Gregory; Harmon, David; Mankin, Henry; Hua, Yingqi; Zhang, Yu; Gray, Nathanael S; Hornicek, Francis J
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 1 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Denosumab-treated Giant Cell Tumor of Bone Exhibits Morphologic Overlap With Malignant Giant Cell Tumor of BoneWojcik, John; Rosenberg, Andrew E; Bredella, Miriam A; Choy, Edwin; Hornicek, Francis J; Nielsen, G Petur
2016 Lancet Volume 387 Issue 10028 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Eribulin versus dacarbazine in previously treated patients with advanced liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma : a randomised , open-label , multicentre , phase 3 trialSchöff, Patrick; Chawla, Sant; Maki, Robert G; Italiano, Antoine; Gelderblom, Hans; Choy, Edwin; Grignani, Giovanni; Camargo, Veridiana; Bauer, Sebastian; Rha, Sun Young; Blay, Jean-yves; Hohenberger, Peter; Adamo, David D; Guo, Matthew; Chmielowski, Bartosz; Cesne, Axel Le; Demetri, George D; Patel, Shreyaskumar R; Camargo, V; German, West
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2017Frequency and Risk Factors for Additional LesionsSebro, Ronnie; Delaney, Thomas F; Hornicek, Francis; Schwab, Joseph; Choy, Edwin; Nielsen, G Petur; Rosenthal, Daniel I
2014Genotyping Cancer-Associated Genes in Chordoma Identifies Mutations in Oncogenes and Areas of Chromosomal Loss Involving CDKN2A, PTEN, and SMARCB1Choy, Edwin; MacConaill, Laura E.; Cote, Gregory M.; Le, Long P.; Shen, Jacson K.; Nielsen, Gunnlaugur P.; Iafrate, Anthony J.; Garraway, Levi A.; Hornicek, Francis J.; Duan, Zhenfeng
2014Phase II study of olaparib in patients with refractory Ewing sarcoma following failure of standard chemotherapyChoy, Edwin; Butrynski, James E; Harmon, David C; Morgan, Jeffrey A; George, Suzanne; Wagner, Andrew J; D’Adamo, David; Cote, Gregory M; Flamand, Yael; Benes, Cyril H; Haber, Daniel A; Baselga, Jose M; Demetri, George D
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 32 November (7).pdf.jpg2016PICASSO III : A Phase III , Placebo-Controlled Study of Doxorubicin With or Without Palifosfamide in Patients With Metastatic Soft Tissue SarcomaRyan, Christopher W; Merimsky, Ofer; Agulnik, Mark; Blay, Jean-yves; Schuetze, Scott M; Tine, Brian A Van; Jones, Robin L; Elias, Anthony D; Choy, Edwin; Alcindor, Thierry; Keedy, Vicki L; Reed, Damon R; Taub, Robert N; Italiano, Antoine; Garcia, Xavier; Judson, Ian R; B