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1991A model for the study of sexual function in anesthetized male and female ratsMcKenna, KE; Chung, SK; McVary, KT
2008A mouse model of slow-developing cataract formationChan, WH; Ho, YS; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM
1997A segment of optic nerve transplanted intravitreally retards death and enhances axonal regneration of retinal ganglion cells in adult hamstersCho, KS; So, KF; Chung, SK
2012Adiponectin is protective against oxidative stress induced cytotoxicity in amyloid-beta neurotoxicityChan, KH; Lam, KSL; Cheng, OY; Kwan, SC; Ho, WL; Cheng, KY; Chung, SK; Ho, WM; Guo, Y; Xu, A
2013Adiponectin is protective against oxidative stress-induced cytotoxicity in amyloid-beta neurotoxicityCheng, OY; Kwan, JSC; Ho, JWM; Guo, VY; Chan, KH; Lam, KSL; Ho, PWL; Cheng, KKY; Chung, SK; Xu, A
2010Adipose tissue-specific inhibition of hypoxia-inducible factor 1α induces obesity and glucose intolerance by impeding energy expenditure in miceLam, KSL; Chung, SK; Wang, Y; Xu, A; Zhang, X; Ye, H; Zhou, M
2011Adipose tissue-specific suppression of c-JUN terminal kinase attenuates obesity-related metabolic disorders in a genetic mouse model of obesity and type 2 diabetesChen, C; Zhang, X; Wong, RLC; Chung, SK; Xu, A; Lam, KSL
2010Aldose reductase deficiency improves wallerian degeneration and nerve regeneration in diabetic thy1-YFP miceChung, SS; Chung, SK; Chen, YS
2005Aldose reductase deficiency prevents diabetes-induced blood-retinal barrier breakdown, apoptosis, and glial reactivation in the retina of db/db miceLo, ACY; Kwok, FS; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK; Cheung, AKH; Fung, MKL; Lam, TTL
2014Aldose reductase deficiency protects neuroretinal morphology and function in mouse model of oxygen induced retinopathyFu, Z; Nian, S; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY
2013Aldose reductase deficiency protects retinal neurons against oxygen-induced retinopathyFu, Z; Lo, ACY; Chung, SK
2014Aldose Reductase Deficiency Protects the Neonatal Mouse Retina Against Oxygen-Induced RetinopathyFu, Z; Nian, S; Lo, ACY; Chung, SK
2012Aldose reductase deficiency protects the retinal neurons in a mouse model of retinopathy of prematurityFu, Z; Li, SY; Wong, D; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY
2012Aldose reductase deficiency reduced vascular changes in neonatal mouse retina in oxygen-induced retinopathyLi, SY; Kociok, N; Fu, ZJ; Wong, D; Chung, SK; Lo, ACY
2008Aldose reductase regulates hepatic peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α phosphorylation and activity to impact lipid homeostasisChung, SK; Chung, SSM; Qiu, L; Wu, X; Chau, JFL; Szeto, IYY; Wing, YT; Guo, Z; Oates, PJ; Yang, JY
2010Aldose reductase-deficiency leads to more significant loss of dopaminergeric neurons with incresed levels of dopamine, tetrahydrobiopterin and free radical accumulation under experimental Parkinson's Disease conditionYeung, PKK; Lai, KW; Son, HJ; Zhang, X; Hwang, O; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK
2006Aldose reductase-deficient mice are protected from iron- and transferrin-related oxidative stress and cerebral ischemic injuryLo, ACY; Hung, KL; Cheung, KHA; He, Q; Chiu, J; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK
2006Aldose reductase-deficient mice were protected from the neuro-retinal injury after carotid artery transient ischemiaCheung, KHA; Lo, ACY; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK
2005Aldose reductase-deficient mice were protected from the neuro-retinal injury after carotid artery transient ischemiaCheung, AKH; Lo, ACY; Chung, SSM; Chung, SK
1984Alteration by estrogen of the nucleoli in nerve cells of the rat hypothalamusCohen, RS; Chung, SK; Pfaff, DW