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2007Cognitive status impacts age-related changes in attention to novel and target events in normal adults.Daffner, Kirk R.; Chong, Hyemi; Riis, Jenna; Rentz, Dorene May; Wolk, David A.; Budson, Andrew E.; Holcomb, Phillip J.
2003Frontal and Parietal Components of a Cerebral Network Mediating Voluntary Attention to Novel EventsDaffner, Kirk R.; Scinto, L. F. M.; Weitzman, A. M.; Faust, R.; Rentz, Dorene May; Budson, Andrew E.; Holcomb, P. J.
2006Increased Responsiveness to Novelty is Associated with Successful Cognitive AgingDaffner, Kirk R.; Ryan, Katherine K.; Williams, Danielle M.; Budson, Andrew E.; Rentz, Dorene May; Wolk, David A.; Holcomb, Phillip J.
2007Intelligence quotient–adjusted memory impairment is associated with abnormal single photon emission computed tomography perfusionRentz, Dorene May; Huh, Terri J.; Sardinha, Lisa M.; Moran, Erin K.; Becker, John Alex; Daffner, Kirk R.; Sperling, Reisa Anne; Johnson, Keith Alan
2011Mechanisms Underlying Age- and Performance-related Differences in Working MemoryDaffner, Kirk R.; Chong, Hyemi; Sun, Xue; Tarbi, Elise C.; Riis, Jenna L.; McGinnis, Scott M.; Holcomb, Phillip J.
2010Promoting Successful Cognitive Aging: A Comprehensive ReviewDaffner, Kirk R.
2010Surprise? Early visual novelty processing is not modulated by attentionTarbi, Elise C.; Sun, Xue; Holcomb, Phillip J.; Daffner, Kirk R.
2000The central role of the prefrontal cortex in directing attention to novel eventsDaffner, Kirk R.
1990The Comportmental Learning Disabilities of Early Frontal Lobe DamagePrice, Bruce Heimburger; Daffner, Kirk R.; Stowe, Robert C; Mesulam, M. Marsel
2013The Dissociation between Early and Late Selection in Older AdultsAlperin, Brittany R.; Haring, Anna E.; Zhuravleva, Tatyana; Holcomb, Phillip J.; Rentz, Dorene May; Daffner, Kirk R.
2012The Influence of Executive Capacity on Selective Attention and Subsequent ProcessingTarbi, Elise C.; Haring, Anna E.; Sun, Xue; Holcomb, Phillip J.; Daffner, Kirk R.; Zhuravleva, Tatyana; Rentz, Dorene M.
2000The Influence of Stimulus Deviance on Electrophysiologic and Behavioral Responses to Novel EventsDaffner, Kirk R.; Scinto, Leonard F.M.; Calvo, Vivian; Faust, Robert; Mesulam, M. Marsel; West, Wendy Caroline; Holcomb, Phillip J.
2008To Ignore or Explore: Top–Down Modulation of Novelty ProcessingChong, Hyemi; Riis, Jenna L.; McGinnis, Scott M.; Williams, Danielle M.; Holcomb, Phillip J.; Daffner, Kirk R.