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2018 JoID Volume 217 Issue 7 April (5).pdf.jpg2018Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Antibodies in the Cerebrospinal Fluid : Evidence of Early Treatment Impact on Central Nervous System Reservoir ?Burbelo, Peter D; Price, Richard W; Hagberg, Lars; Hatano, Hiroyu; Spudich, Serena; Deeks, Steven G; Gisslén, Magnus
2010CD4 count at presentation for HIV care in the United States and Canada: Are those over 50 years more likely to have a delayed presentation?Althoff, Keri N; Gebo, Kelly A; Gange, Stephen J; Klein, Marina B; Hogg, Robert S; Horberg, Michael A; Saag, Michael S; Kitahata, Mari M; Eron, Joseph J; Napravnik, Sonia; Rourke, Sean B; Rodriguez, Benigno; Sterling, Timothy R; Deeks, Steven G; Jacobson, Lisa P; Kirk, Gregory D; Collier, Ann C; Benson, Constance A; Silverberg, Michael J; Goedert, James J; McKaig, Rosemary G; Thorne, Jennifer; Rachlis, Anita; Moore, Richard D; Justice, Amy C; Brooks, John T.; Bosch, Ronald J.; Gill, M. John; Martin, Jeffery N.
JoID 2018 Volume 218 Issue 2 July (8).pdf.jpg2018Changes in Inflammation but Not in T-Cell Activation Precede Non-AIDS-Defining Events in a Case-Control Study of Patients on Long-term Antiretroviral TherapyAngelidou, Konstantia; Hunt, Peter W; Landay, Alan L; Wilson, Cara C; Rodriguez, Benigno; Deeks, Steven G; Bosch, Ronald J; Lederman, Michael M
2016 JID Volume 214 Issue 1 July (27).pdf.jpg2016Identifying Key Drivers of the Impact of an HIV Cure Intervention in Sub-Saharan AfricaPhillips, Andrew N; Cambiano, Valentina; Revill, Paul; Nakagawa, Fumiyo; Lundgren, Jens D; Bansi-matharu, Loveleen; Mabugu, Travor; Sculpher, Mark; Garnett, Geoff; Staprans, Silvija; Becker, Stephen; Murungu, Joseph; Lewin, Sharon R; Deeks, Steven G; Hallett, Timothy B
1068.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Lymphoid fibrosis occurs in long-term nonprogressors and persists with antiretroviral therapy but may be reversible with curative interventionsSanchez, Joyce L; Hunt, Peter W; Reilly, Cavan S; Hatano, Hiroyu; Beilman, Gregory J; Khoruts, Alexander; Jasurda, Jake S; Somsouk, Ma; Thorkelson, Ann; Russ, Samuel; Anderson, Jodi; Deeks, Steven G; Schacker, Timothy W
2017 JID Volume 216 Issue 1 July (8).pdf.jpg2017MAJOR ARTICLE HIV Antibody Level as a Marker of HIV Persistence and Low-Level Viral ReplicationKeating, Sheila M; Pilcher, Christopher D; Jain, Vivek; Lebedeva, Mila; Hampton, Dylan; Abdel-mohsen, Mohamed; Deng, Xutao; Murphy, Gary; Welte, Alex; Facente, Shelley N; Hecht, Frederick; Deeks, Steven G; Pillai, Satish K; Busch, Michael P
2016 JID Volume 213 Issue 2 July (16).pdf.jpg2016T-Cell Activation Independently Associates With Immune Senescence in HIV-Infected Recipients of Long-term Antiretroviral TreatmentJiménez, Viviana Cobos; Wit, Ferdinand W N M; Joerink, Maaike; Maurer, Irma; Harskamp, Agnes M; Schouten, Judith; Prins, Maria; Leeuwen, Ester M M Van; Booiman, Thijs; Deeks, Steven G; Reiss, Peter; Kootstra, Neeltje A; Study, Agehiv
2016 IID Volume 214 Issue 2 July (17).pdf.jpg2016T-cell activation independently associates with immune senescence in long-term antiretroviral drug-treated HIV-1-infected individualsCobos Jiménez, Viviana; Wit, Ferdinand W N M; Joerink, Maaike; Maurer, Irma; Harskamp, Agnes M; Schouten, Judith; Prins, Maria; Van Leeuwen, Ester M M; Booiman, Thijs; Deeks, Steven G; Reiss, Peter; Kootstra, Neeltje a