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NEJM 2018 Volume 378 Issue 24 June (12).pdf.jpg2018Atezolizumab for First-Line Treatment of Metastatic Nonsquamous NSCLCAbreu, D Rodríguez; Sibilot, D Moro; Thomas, C A; Barlesi, F; Finley, G; Kelsch, C; Lee, A; Coleman, S; Deng, Y; Shen, Y; Kowanetz, M; Chavez, A Lopez
2011Catalytic characteristics of CYP3A22-dependent mequindox detoxificationLiu, J; Ge, X; Ouyang, M; Tang, X; Wu, J; Wang, J; Jiang, J; Huen, MSY; Deng, Y
2315.pdf.jpgAug-2015Clinical epidemiology and molecular profiling of human bocavirus in faecal samples from children with diarrhoea in Guangzhou, ChinaZhang, D-M; Ma, M-M; Wen, W-T; Zhu, X; Xu, L; He, Z-J; He, X; Wu, J-H; Hu, Y-W; Zheng, Y; Deng, Y; Lin, C-J; Lu, J-H; Li, M-F; Cao, K-Y
2011Critical roles of ring finger protein RNF8 in replication stress responsesSy, SMH; Jiang, J; Dong, SS; Lok, GTM; Wu, J; Cai, H; Yeung, ESL; Huang, J; Chen, J; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY
2017 JMHPN Volume 24 Issue 2-3 March - April February (11).pdf.jpg2017Mediating effect of coping styles on the association between psychological capital and psychological distress among Chinese nurses : a cross-sectional studyZhou, H; Peng, J; Wang, D; Kou, L; Ye, M; Deng, Y; Yan, J; Liao, S; Hospital, Nanfang; Nurse, Head; Maternal, Affiliated; Nurse, Head; Hospital, Nanfang
2012Mequindox induced cellular DNA damage via generation of reactive oxygen speciesLiu, J; Ouyang, M; Jiang, J; Mu, P; Wu, J; Yang, Q; Zhang, C; Xu, W; Wang, L; Huen, MSY; Deng, Y
2012Ring finger protein RNF169 antagonizes the ubiquitin-dependent signaling cascade at sites of DNA damageFeng, W; Jiang, J; Deng, Y; Chen, J; Huen, MSY
2011The E3 ubiquitin ligase Rnf8 stabilizes Tpp1 to promote telomere end protectionRai, R; Li, JM; Zheng, H; Lok, GTM; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY; Chen, J; Jin, J; Chang, S
2013The Ubiquitin Specific Protease USP34 Promotes DNA Damage Ubiquitin SignalingSy, MH; Jiang, J; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY
2013The Ubiquitin Specific Protease USP34 promotes ubiquitin signaling at DNA double-strand breaksSy, MH; Jiang, J; Deng, Y; Huen, MSY