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1951Chemical Constituents of the Root Bark of Crataeva Nurvala HamBhandari, P R; Dhar, M L; Sharma, V N
1963Chemical Examination of Bacopa monniera Wettst.: Part I -Isolation of Chemical ConstituentsChatterji, N; Rastogi, R P; Dhar, M L
1959Chemical Examination of Picrorhiza Kurrooa Benth.: Part iv -Identification of Kurrin as D-MannitolRastogi, R P; Dhar, M L
1956Chemical Examination of the Root of Cissampelos Pareira LinnBhattacharji, S; Sharma, V N; Dhar, M L
1954Chemical Examination of the Root' Bark of Melodinus monogynus Roxb.: Part IChatterji, S K; Sharma, V N; Dhar, M L
1967Chemical Examination of the Roots of Cissampelos Pareira Linn. IV. Structure and stereochemistry of HayatinBhatnagar, A K; Bhattacharji, S; Roy, A C; Popli, S P; Dhar, M L
1958Chemical Examination of the Roots of Cyclea burmanniDhar, M L; Chaudhary, G R
1951Chemical Examination of the Seeds of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. : Part I-The Fatty Oil & Its Component Fatty AcidsDhar, D C; Dhar, M L; Shrivastava, D L
1959Chemical Investigations on Daemia extensa R.Br.Rakhit, S; Dhar, M M; Anand, Nitya; Dhar, M L
1955Circular Paper Chromatography of Rauwolfia AlkaloidsDhar, M M; Bhattacharji, S; Dhar, M L
1955Constitution of Kutkin, the Bitter Glucoside of Picrorhiza kurrooa Benth.*Rastogi, R P; Sen, A B; Dhar, M L
1955Isolation of Sarpagine from Rauwolpia Canescens LinnDhar, M M; Dhar, M L; Bhattacharji, S
1956Raunescine - A Subsidiary Alkaloid from Rauoolfia canescens Linn. *Bhattacharji, S; Dhar, M M; Dhar, M L
1956Raunescine a Subsidiary Alkaloid from R. Canescens LinnBhattacharji, S; Dhar, M M; Dhar, M L
1967Studies in Possible Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents : Part V- Synthesis of Carbamoylindoles, Carbamoylisoindolines, 3- Indolylethyl Urea (or Thiourea) & 2- Isoindolinylpropyl Urea (or Thiourea) Derivatives & Their Biological ActivityShoeb, A; Popli, S P; Mukerjee, S K; Dhar, M L
1959Studies in Possible Oral Hypoglycemic Agents: Part 1-Synthesis of Some Hydantoins, Hydantoic Esters & Related CompoundsPaul, R; Popli, S P; Dhar, M L
1958Studies in Potential Amoebicides: Part VII-Synthesis of Some 3-Alkyl-2-styryl) 8-hydroxy-(& 8-methoxy )-4-quinazolonesIyer, R N; Dhar, M L
1955Studies in Potential Amoebicides:Part II -Synthesis of Some Polymethylene DiaminesMahboob, S; Dhar, M L
1954Studies in Potential Antimycobacterial Agents: Part IV Synthesis of p -Alkylamino -amino-o'-Hydroxydiphenyl SulfonesVyas, G N; Anand, Nitya; Dhar, M L
1955Studies in Potential Antimycobacterial Agents: Part V-Synthesis of Some 4-Hydroxy-3-quinolyl Hydrazides & Their DerivativesPopli, S P; Dhar, M L