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2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 2 August (63).pdf.jpg2017CONGENITAL : SINGLE VENTRICLE Hemodynamic parameters predict adverse outcomes following biventricular conversion with single-ventricle palliation takedownHerrin, Melissa A; Zurakowski, David; Baird, Christopher W; Banka, Puja; Esch, Jesse J; Nido, J; Emani, Sitaram M
JTCS 2017 Volume 153 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2017CONGENITAL : VALVES Assessment of the Melody valve in the mitral position in young children by echocardiographyFreud, Lindsay R; Marx, Gerald R; Marshall, Audrey C; Tworetzky, Wayne; Emani, Sitaram M
JTCS 2017 Volume 153 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2017CONGENITAL : VALVES Surgical reconstruction of semilunar valves in the growing child : Should we mimic the venous valve ? A simulation studyHammer, Peter E; Roberts, Erin G; Emani, Sitaram M; Nido, Pedro J
2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 2 August (21).pdf.jpg2017CONGENITAL : VASCULAR RING Outcomes following thoracotomy or thoracoscopic vascular ring division in children and young adultsHerrin, Melissa A; Zurakowski, David; Fynn-thompson, Francis; Baird, Christopher W; Nido, J; Emani, Sitaram M
JTCS 2017 Volume 153 Issue 2 February (70).pdf.jpg2017Patients with unbalanced atrioventricular canal defects can undergo the Fontan operation with good outcomesEmani, Sitaram M
2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 5 November (41).pdf.jpg2017Platelet testing to guide aspirin dose adjustment in pediatric patients after cardiac surgeryEmani, Sirisha; Zurakowski, David; Mulone, Michelle; Dinardo, James A; Iii, Cameron C Trenor; Emani, Sitaram M
2017 EJCTS Volume 51 Issue 1 January (48).pdf.jpg2017SPOTLIGHT – ICVTS RECENT ARTICLES ORIGINAL ARTICLE – ADULT CARDIAC BEST EVIDENCE TOPIC – THORACIC ORIGINAL ARTICLE – CONGENITAL ORIGINAL ARTICLE – ADULT CARDIAC ORIGINAL ARTICLE – VASCULAR BEST EVIDENCE TOPIC – THORACICSilaschi, Miriam; Wendler, Olaf; Seiffert, Moritz; Castro, Liesa; Schirmer, Johannes; Blankenberg, Stefan; Treede, Hendrik; Maccarthy, Philip; Sch, Ulrich; Majeed, Amara; Emani, Sitaram M; Sanders, Stephen P