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2017 ACMED Volume 92 Issue 9 September (25).pdf.jpg2017The Afya Bora Fellowship : An Innovative Program Focused on Creating an Interprofessional Network of Leaders in Global HealthGreen, Wendy M; Farquhar, Carey; Mashalla, Yohana
2009Characteristics of HIV-1 Discordant Couples Enrolled in a Trial of HSV-2 Suppression to Reduce HIV-1 Transmission: The Partners StudyLingappa, Jairam R.; Kahle, Erin; Mugo, Nelly; Mujugira, Andrew; Magaret, Amalia; Baeten, Jared; Bukusi, Elizabeth A.; Cohen, Craig R.; Katabira, Elly; Ronald, Allan; Kiarie, James; Farquhar, Carey; Stewart, Grace John; Were, Edwin; Fife, Kenneth; deBruyn, Guy; Gray, Glenda; Manongi, Rachel; Coetzee, David; Allen, Susan; Inambao, Mubiana; Kayitenkore, Kayitesi; Karita, Etienne; Kanweka, William; Delany, Sinead; Rees, Helen; Vwalika, Bellington; Coombs, Robert W.; Morrow, Rhoda; Whittington, William; Corey, Lawrence; Wald, Anna; Celum, Connie; Emery, Sean; Makhema, Joseph Moeketsi; Essex, Myron Elmer; McIntyre, James Francis; Kapiga, Saidi Hussein
2012Distance from Home to Study Clinic and Risk of Follow-Up Interruption in a Cohort of HIV-1-Discordant Couples in Nairobi, KenyaConley, N. Jeanne; Pavlinac, Patricia B.; Guthrie, Brandon L.; Mackelprang, Romel D.; Choi, Robert Y.; Bosire, Rose; Gatuguta, Ann; Farquhar, Carey; Muiru, Anthony Ndichu
2010Estimating the Impact of Plasma HIV-1 RNA Reductions on Heterosexual HIV-1 Transmission RiskLingappa, Jairam R.; Baeten, Jared M.; Celum, Connie; Gray, Glenda E.; Stevens, Wendy S.; Donnell, Deborah; Farquhar, Carey; Mullins, James I.; Coombs, Robert W.; Rees, Helen; Corey, Lawrence; Wald, Anna; Hughes, James P.; Wang, Richard S.; Campbell, Mary S.; Essex, Myron Elmer
2018 AoIM Volume 168 Issue 9 May (26).pdf.jpg2018Ethical obligations in short-term global health clinical experiences: The devil is in the detailsFarquhar, Carey; Nduati, Ruth W.; Wasserheit, Judith N.
2017 JID Volume 215 Issue 4 February (2).pdf.jpg2017Genital Injury Signatures and Microbiome Alterations Associated With Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Usage and Intravaginal Drying PracticesBirse, Kenzie D; Romas, Laura M; Guthrie, Brandon L; Nilsson, Peter; Bosire, Rose; Kiarie, James; Farquhar, Carey; Broliden, Kristina
2012Specificity of Four Laboratory Approaches for Cross-Sectional HIV Incidence Determination: Analysis of Samples from Adults with Known Nonrecent HIV Infection from Five African CountriesLaeyendecker, Oliver; Brookmeyer, Ron; Mullis, Caroline E.; Donnell, Deborah; Lingappa, Jairam; Celum, Connie; Baeten, Jared M.; Campbell, Mary S.; Essex, Myron Elmer; de Bruyn, Guy; Farquhar, Carey; Quinn, Thomas C.; Eshleman, for the Partners in Preve, Susan H.