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2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 19 May (6).pdf.jpg2016Case 14-2016 : A 37-Year-Old Woman with Adult-Onset PsychosisCort, Alice M; Editor, Associate; Delichatsios, Helen K; Leonard, Maureen M; Fasano, Alessio; Nosé, Vania
Pediatrics 2017 Volume 139 Issue 3 March (35).pdf.jpg2017Celiac Disease , Gut-Brain Axis , and Behavior : Cause , Consequence , or Merely Epiphenomenon ?Fasano, Alessio
2016 PED Volume 138 Issue 3 September (4).pdf.jpg2016Evidence-Informed Expert Recommendations for the Management of Celiac Disease in ChildrenSnyder, John; Butzner, J Decker; Defelice, Amy R; Fasano, Alessio
2016 AJG Volume 111 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2016Gluten Introduction , Breastfeeding , and Celiac Disease : Back to the Drawing BoardLebwohl, Benjamin; Murray, Joseph A; Verdú, Elena F; Crowe, Sheila E; Dennis, Melinda; Fasano, Alessio; Green, Peter H R; Guandalini, Stefano; Khosla, Chaitan
2016 Lancet Volume 387 Issue 10031 May (25).pdf.jpg2016Gut microbiome and necrotising enterocolitis : time for intervention ?Fasano, Alessio
AJCNWSUP 2017 Volume 105 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2017Gut permeability , obesity , and metabolic disorders : who is the chicken and who is the egg ?Fasano, Alessio
2017 JPED Volume 183 April (37).pdf.jpg2017Intestinal Barrier Maturation in Very Low Birthweight Infants: Relationship to Feeding and Antibiotic ExposureSaleem, Bushra; Okogbule-Wonodi, Adora C.; Fasano, Alessio; Magder, Laurence S.; Ravel, Jacques; Kapoor, Shiv; Viscardi, Rose M.
2013Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity: The New Frontier of Gluten Related DisordersCatassi, Carlo; Bai, Julio C.; Bonaz, Bruno; Bouma, Gerd; Calabrò, Antonio; Carroccio, Antonio; Castillejo, Gemma; Ciacci, Carolina; Cristofori, Fernanda; Dolinsek, Jernej; Francavilla, Ruggiero; Elli, Luca; Green, Peter; Holtmeier, Wolfgang; Koehler, Peter; Koletzko, Sibylle; Meinhold, Christof; Sanders, David; Schumann, Michael; Schuppan, Detlef; Ullrich, Reiner; Vécsei, Andreas; Volta, Umberto; Zevallos, Victor; Sapone, Anna; Fasano, Alessio
2016 PED Volume 138 Issue 1 July (10).pdf.jpg2016Report to Decrease Visits by Pediatric Gastroenterology PatientsLee, Jarone; Greenspan, Peter T; Israel, Esther; Katz, Aubrey; Fasano, Alessio
2016 JPGN Volume 63 Issue 1 July (28).pdf.jpg2016S OCIETY P APER NASPGHAN Clinical Report on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Gluten-related DisordersHill, Ivor D; Fasano, Alessio; Guandalini, Stefano; Hoffenberg, Edward; Levy, Joseph; Reilly, Norelle; Verma, Ritu
2016 JP Volume 179 December (53).pdf.jpg2016Transitioning From Descriptive to Mechanistic Understanding of the Microbiome: The Need for a Prospective Longitudinal Approach to Predicting DiseaseMartin, Victoria J.; Leonard, Maureen M.; Fiechtner, Lauren; Fasano, Alessio