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20113Alpha,7beta-dihydroxy-5beta-cholan-24-oic acid N-(2-sulfoethyl)amide alters the microRNAs expression and promotes cell migration of human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsZhu, M; Wang, N; Tsao, SW; Tong, Y; Feng, Y
2016 BJUI Volume 118 Issue 2 August (19).pdf.jpg2016Association between very small tumour size and increased cancer-speci fi c mortality after radical prostatectomy in lymph node-positive prostate cancerMuralidhar, Vinayak; Mahal, Brandon A; Nezolosky, Michelle D; Beard, Clair J; Feng, Y; Martin, Neil E; Efstathiou, Jason A; Choueiri, Toni K; Pomerantz, Mark M; Sweeney, Christopher J; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Heiden, Matthew G Vander; Paul, L
2009Bear bile: Dilemma of traditional medicinal use and animal protectionFeng, Y; Ng, KM; Tsao, SW; Tong, Y; Siu, K; Wang, N; Nagamatsu, T
2009Berberine and Coptidis Rhizoma as novel antineoplastic agents: A review of traditional use and biomedical investigationsFeng, Y; Tsao, S; Tang, J; Wang, N; Curtain, R; Wang, Y
2010Berberine induces autophagic cell death and mitochondrial apoptosis in liver cancer cells: The cellular mechanismFeng, Y; Man, K; Tong, Y; Tsao, SW; Wang, N; Zhu, M; Tsang, CM
2009Berberine inhibits Rho GTPases and cell migration at low doses but induces G2 arrest and apoptosis at high doses in human cancer cellsChing, YP; Wong, YC; Cheung, ALM; Tong, Y; Tsao, SW; Feng, Y; Lau, EPW; Di, K; Cheung, PY; Hau, PM; Wan, TSK; Tsang, CM
2014Berberine suppresses Id-1 expression and inhibits the growth and development of lung metastases in hepatocellular carcinomaTsang, CM; Cheung, KC; Cheung, YC; Man, K; Lui, WYV; Feng, Y; Tsao, GSW
2013Berberine suppresses tumorigenicity and growth of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by inhibiting STAT3 activation induced by tumor associated fibroblastsCheung, YC; Yip, YL; Zhang, G; Cheung, KCP; Lin, VW; Lui, VWY; Feng, Y; Tsao, GSW; Tsang, CM
2014Berberine-induced tumor suppressor p53 up-regulation gets involved in the regulatory network of MIR-23a in hepatocellular carcinomaWang, N; ZHU, M; Wang, X; TAN, HY; Tsao, GSW; Feng, Y
2012Berberine: an old drug but new use for liver diseases.Feng, Y; Wang, MN; Tong, Y; Tsao, GSW
2010Comparative study on anti-cancer and anti-liver fibrosis between bear bile and botanic Chinese medicinesWang, N; Zhu, M; Chow, OY; Feng, Y; Ng, KM; Tong, Y; Tsao, GSW
2011Comparative study on bear bile and coptisZhu, M; Chow, OY; Wang, N; Feng, Y; Ng, KM; Tong, Y; Tsao, GSW
1287.pdf.jpgApr-2015Disease outbreaks caused by steppe-type rabies viruses in ChinaFeng, Y; Wang, W; Guo, J; Alatengheli, null; Li, Y; Yang, G; Su, N; Zhang, L; Xu, W; Sheng, Z; Ma, L; Gui, J; Dejide, null; Lin, H; Tu, C
2010F-actin reorganization and inactivation of Rho signaling pathway involved in the inhibitory effect of Coptidis Rhizoma on hepatoma cell migrationFeng, Y; Ching, Y; Man, K; Tong, Y; Tsao, S; Wang, N; Lau, EPW; Tsang, C; Nagamatsu, T; Su, W
2009Glial response and myelin clearance in areas of wallerian degeneration after spinal cord hemisection in the monkey macaca fascicularisShi, F; Zhu, H; Yang, S; Liu, Y; Feng, Y; Shi, J; Xu, D; Wu, W; You, S; Ma, Z; Zou, J; Lu, P; Xu, XM
2009Hepatoprotective effects of Coptidis rhizoma aqueous extract on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver hepatotoxicity in ratsFeng, Y; Tong, Y; Ng, KM; Tsao, S; Sze, C; Zhang, Y; Shen, J; Ye, X; Tang, J; Kobayashi, S; Lau, GKK
2010Interdisciplinary approaches in study of Chinese medicines: case of coptisWang, N; Zhu, M; Zhang, Z; Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Tsao, SW
2011miR-21 and miR-23a were altered by coptidis rhizoma aqueous extract in human liver cancer cellsZhu, M; Wang, N; Tsao, GSW; Feng, Y
2013MiR-23a-mediated inhibition of topoisomerase 1 expression potentiates cell response to etoposide in human hepatocellular carcinomaWang, N; Zhu, M; Tsao, GSW; Man, K; Zhang, Z; Feng, Y
BJANASTH 2017 Volume 118 Issue 4 April (25).pdf.jpg2017Pain assessment in conscious healthy volunteers : a crossover study evaluating the analgesia / nociception indexNs, Adzick; Ea, Thom; Cy, Spong; Yan, Q; An, H Y; Feng, Y