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2014Accelerated free breathing ECG triggered contrast enhanced pulmonary vein magnetic resonance angiography using compressed sensingRoujol, Sébastien; Foppa, Murilo; Basha, Tamer A; Akçakaya, Mehmet; Kissinger, Kraig V; Goddu, Beth; Berg, Sophie; Nezafat, Reza
2013Accelerated three-dimensional free-breathing first pass cardiac perfusion at 1.5TAkcakaya, Mehmet; Basha, Tamer; Foppa, Murilo; Kissinger, Kraig V; Manning, Warren J.; Nezafat, Reza
2014Accuracy and reproducibility of four T1 mapping sequences: a head-to-head comparison of MOLLI, ShMOLLI, SASHA, and SAPPHIRERoujol, Sébastien; Weingartner, Sebastian; Foppa, Murilo; Chow, Kelvin; Kawaji, Keigo; Kissinger, Kraig V; Goddu, Beth; Berg, Sophie; Kellman, Peter; Manning, Warren J; Thompson, Richard B; Nezafat, Reza
2006Diabetes, Gender, and Left Ventricular Structure in African-Americans: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities StudyFoppa, Murilo; Duncan, Bruce B; Arnett, Donna K; Benjamin, Emelia J; Liebson, Philip R; Manolio, Teri A; Skelton, Thomas N
2014Improved motion correction for T1 mappingRoujol, Sébastien; Foppa, Murilo; Kawaji, Keigo; Kissinger, Kraig V; Goddu, Beth; Manning, Warren J; Nezafat, Reza
2013Subcutaneous fat thickness, but not epicardial fat thickness, parallel weight reduction after bariatric surgery: a cardiac magnetic resonance studyFoppa, Murilo; Pond, Kyle K.; Jones, Daniel Bougere; Kissinger, Kraig V; Goddu, Beth; Schneider, Benjamin Edward; Jhaveri, Rahul; Manning, Warren J.