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2016 OEM Volume 73 Issue 6 June (10).pdf.jpg2016Computer-based coding of free-text job descriptions to ef fi ciently identify occupations in epidemiological studiesRuss, Daniel E; Ho, Kwan-yuet; Colt, Joanne S; Armenti, Karla R; Baris, Dalsu; Chow, Wong-ho; Davis, Faith; Johnson, Alison; Purdue, Mark P; Karagas, Margaret R; Schwartz, Kendra; Schwenn, Molly; Silverman, Debra T; Johnson, Calvin A; Friesen, Melissa C
AJoIM 2018 Volume 61 Issue 11 November (7).pdf.jpg2018Decision rule approach applied to estimate occupational lead exposure in a case-control study of kidney cancerCallahan, Catherine L; Ms, Sarah J Locke; Dopart, Pamela J; Stewart, Patricia A; Schwartz, Kendra; Ruterbusch, Julie J; Barry, M P H; Rothman, Nathaniel; Hofmann, M H S Jonathan N; Purdue, Mark P; Friesen, Melissa C
AJIM 2017 Volume 60 Issue 2 February (6).pdf.jpg2017Evaluating Predictors of Lead Exposure for Activities Disturbing Materials Painted With or Containing Lead Using Historic Published Data From U . S . WorkplacesLocke, Sarah J; Deziel, Ã Nicole C; Koh, Dong-hee; Graubard, Barry I; Purdue, Mark P; Friesen, Melissa C
605.pdf.jpgJun-2015Lead exposure in US worksites: A literature review and development of an occupational lead exposure database from the published literatureKoh, Dong-Hee; Locke, Sarah J; Chen, Yu-Cheng; Purdue, Mark P; Friesen, Melissa C
OEM 2017 Volume 74 Issue 4 April (7).pdf.jpg2017Occupational exposure to chlorinated solvents and kidney cancer: a case–control studyPurdue, Mark P; Stewart, Patricia a; Friesen, Melissa C; Colt, Joanne S; Locke, Sarah J; Hein, Misty J; Waters, Martha a; Graubard, Barry I; Davis, Faith; Ruterbusch, Julie; Schwartz, Kendra; Chow, Wong-Ho; Rothman, Nathaniel; Hofmann, Jonathan N
OEM 2017 Volume 74 Issue 7 July (8).pdf.jpg2017Occupational exposure to pesticides and other biocides and risk of thyroid cancer.Zeng, Fanhua; Lerro, Catherine; Lavoué, Jérôme; Huang, Huang; Siemiatycki, Jack; Zhao, Nan; Ma, Shuangge; Deziel, Nicole C; Friesen, Melissa C; Udelsman, Robert; Zhang, Yawei
458.pdf.jpg2015Self-reported Occupational Exposures Relevant for Cancer among 28,000 Offshore Oil Industry Workers Employed between 1965 and 1999Stenehjem, Jo S; Friesen, Melissa C; Eggen, Tone; Kjærheim, Kristina; Bråtveit, Magne; Grimsrud, Tom K
2018 JoOEH Volume 15 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2018A task-based analysis of black carbon exposure in Iowa farmers during harvestStapleton, Emma M; Shaughnessy, Patrick T O; Locke, Sarah J; Ralph, W; Hofmann, Jonathan N; Freeman, Laura E Beane; Thorne, Peter S; Jones, Rena R; Friesen, Melissa C; Stapleton, Emma M; Shaughnessy, Patrick T O; Locke, Sarah J; Ralph, W; Hofmann, Jonathan N; Freeman,