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2004A novel HLA-DRB1 allele, DRB1*0449, with a rare point mutation found in the Han population of Guangdong ChinaLv, F; Gao, J; Lin, J; Liu, Z; Fu, Y; Lin, B; Liu, Y; Xu, A
2006An ancient balanced polymorphism in a regulatory region of human major histocompatibility complex is retained in Chinese minorities but lost worldwideFu, Y; Liu, Z; Lin, B; Xie, Y; Liu, Y; Lin, J; Fan, X; Dong, M; Zeng, K; Wu, C-I; Xu, A; Liu, X; Xu, Y
1896.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of Postoperative Analgesic Requirements in Living Donors and Patients Undergoing Similar Surgical ProceduresWang, J; Fu, Y; Yuan, T; Wang, N
2016 TP Volume 48 Issue 1 January-February (45).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of Postoperative Morphine Requirements in Renal Donors and Patients With Renal Carcinoma Undergoing Laparoscopic NephrectomyWang, J; Fu, Y; Wang, N
2007HLA class II polymorphisms associated with the physiologic characteristics defined by traditional Chinese medicine: Linking modern genetics with an ancient medicineChen, S; Lv, F; Gao, J; Lin, J; Liu, Z; Fu, Y; Liu, Y; Lin, B; Xie, Y; Ren, X; Fan, X; Xu, A; Xu, Y
2016 AJNLPEM Volume 311 Issue 1 July (5).pdf.jpg2016Novel Aspects of Adipocyte Biology AP2-NR4A3 transgenic mice display reduced serum epinephrine because of increased catecholamine catabolism in adipose tissueWalton, R Grace; Zhu, Xiaolin; Tian, Ling; Heywood, Elizabeth B; Liu, Jian; Hill, Helliner S; Liu, Jiarong; Bruemmer, Dennis; Yang, Qinglin; Fu, Yuchang; Garvey, W Timothy; Rg, Walton; Zhu, X; Tian, L; Eb, Heywood; Liu, J; Hs, Hill; Bruemmer, D; Yang, Q; Fu, Y; Ap-nra, Garve
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 14 October (16).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence and molecular characterization of Salmonella enterica isolates throughout an integrated broiler supply chain in ChinaRen, X; Li, M; Xu, C; Cui, K; Feng, Z; Fu, Y; Zhang, J; Liao, M
2005Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the regulatory regions of the HLA-DRB-expressed genesFan, X; Lan, D; Lin, B; Xie, Y; Liu, Z; Zhen, G; Fu, Y; Xu, A