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AJoCN 2018 Volume 108 Issue 4 October (25).pdf.jpg2018Biomarkers of maternal environmental enteric dysfunction are associated with shorter gestation and reduced length in newborn infants in UgandaAgaba, Edgar; Nshakira, Nathan; Tran, Hao Q; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Ghosh, Shibani
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 2 February (34).pdf.jpg2018Bolus Weekly Vitamin D 3 Supplementation Impacts Gut and Airway Microbiota in Adults With Cystic Fibrosis: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical TrialLe, A R T I C; Kanhere, Mansi; He, Jiabei; Chassaing, Benoit; Ziegler, Thomas R; Alvarez, Jessica A; Ivie, Elizabeth A; Hao, Li; Hanfelt, John; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Tangpricha, Vin
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 1 July (8).pdf.jpg2016Cl inic a l I m pl ic a t ions of B a sic R e se a rch Corralling Colonic Flagellated MicrobiotaLey, Ruth E; Gewirtz, Andrew T
2016 AJCN Volume 110 Issue 6 June (22).pdf.jpg2016Elevations in serum anti-flagellin and anti-LPS Igs are related to growth faltering in young Tanzanian children 1 , 2Mcdonald, Christine M; Manji, Karim P; Gosselin, Kerri; Tran, Hao; Liu, Enju; Kisenge, Rodrick; Aboud, Said; Fawzi, Wafaie W; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Duggan, Christopher P
2017 COG Volume 33 Issue 6 November (3).pdf.jpg2017How diet can impact gut microbiota to promote or endanger healthChassaing, Benoit; Vijay-kumar, Matam; Gewirtz, Andrew T
Nature 2018 Volume 560 Issue 7719 August (30).pdf.jpg2018long-term gut microbiota compositionFulde, Marcus; Sommer, Felix; Chassaing, Benoit; Vorst, Kira Van; Dupont, Aline; Hensel, Michael; Basic, Marijana; Klopfleisch, Robert; Rosenstiel, Philip; Gewirtz, Andrew T
2018 JoPGN Volume 66 Issue 6 June (24).pdf.jpg2018Markers of Environmental Enteric Dysfunction Are Associated With Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Tanzanian ChildrenBellinger, David; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Ãã, Ãy; Duggan, Christopher P
AJNLPEM 2018 Volume 315 Issue 1 July (3).pdf.jpg2018Microbiota and metabolism : what ’ s new in 2018 ?Bretin, Alexis; Gewirtz, Andrew T; Chassaing, X Benoit