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1971A comparison of maxillary arch form between groups of cerebral palsied and normal childrenGarner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; McDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Roche, James R., 1924-; Shafer, William G.; Dummett, Clifton O. (Clifton Orrin)
1980A socioeconomic correlation of oral disease in six to thirty-six month old childrenAvery, David R.; Beiswanger, Bradley B.; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Hennon, David Kent, 1933-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Klein, Arthur Irving, 1922-2004; Vargus, Brian; Weddell, James A. (James Arthur), 1949-
1968Continued apical development of pulpless permanent teeth following endontic therapyMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Van Huysen, Grant; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Norman, Richard Daviess, 1927-; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Camp, Joe Henderson, 1939-
1968Dental defects and rubella embryopathy: A Clinical study of fifty childrenMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Standish, S. Miles, 1923-2003; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Garner, La Forrest Dean, 1933-; Cunningham, Donald M.; Musselman, Robert Jay, 1939-
1967Pulp reaction to anorganic bovine dentinGish, Charles W., 1923-; Norman, Richard Daviess, 1927-; Shafer, William G.; Walshe, Martin J., 1940-
1967Self-application of an anticariogenic prophylaxis paste as a technique for the partial reduction of dental caries performed on a mass treatment basisMcDonald, Ralph E., 1920-; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Hansen, Niles McKendra, 1922-; Nazhat, Nehal Yahya, 1938-
1977The attitudes of dentists in Indiana toward the treatment of patients with cerebral palsyBarton, Paul; Gish, Charles W., 1923-; Koerber, Leonard G.; Roche, James R., 1924-; Starkey, Paul E.; Wickliffe, Thomas James, 1946-