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2008Cancer Cell-Derived Clusterin Modulates the Phosphatidylinositol 3'-Kinase-Akt Pathway through Attenuation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 during Serum DeprivationJo, Hakryul; Jia, Yonghui; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Hattori, Hidenori; Luo, Hongbo
2009Focal Adhesion Kinase Regulates Pathogen-Killing Capability and Life Span of Neutrophils via Mediating both Adhesion-Dependent and -Independent Cellular SignalsKasorn, Anongnard; Alcaide, Pilar; Jia, Yonghui; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Sarraj, Bara; Li, Yitang; Loison, Fabien; Hattori, Hidenori; Silberstein, Leslie E.; Luscinskas, William F.; Luo, Hongbo
2008Inositol Trisphosphate 3-Kinase B (InsP3KB) as a Physiological Modulator of MyelopoiesisJia, Yonghui; Loison, Fabien; Hattori, Hidenori; Li, Yitang; Erneux, Christophe; Park, Shin-Young; Gao, Chong; Chai, Li; Silberstein, Leslie E.; Schurmans, Stephane; Luo, Hongbo
2010Integrin-Independent Role of CalDAG-GEFI in Neutrophil ChemotaxisCarbo, Carla; Duerschmied, Daniel; Goerge, Tobias; Hattori, Hidenori; Sakai, Jiro; Cifuni, Stephen M.; White, Gilbert C.; Chrzanowska-Wodnicka, Magdalena; Luo, Hongbo; Wagner, Denisa D.
2010Natural Product Celastrol Destabilizes Tubulin Heterodimer and Facilitates Mitotic Cell Death Triggered by Microtubule-Targeting Anti-Cancer DrugsHattori, Hidenori; Yu, Hongtao; Jo, Hakryul; Loison, Fabien Xavier; Silberstein, Leslie E.; Luo, Hongbo
2010Reactive Oxygen Species as Signaling Molecules in Neutrophil ChemotaxisHattori, Hidenori; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Sakai, Jiro; Luo, Hongbo
2012Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced Actin Glutathionylation Controls Actin Dynamics in NeutrophilsSakai, Jiro; Li, Jingyu; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Mondal, Subhanjan; Bajrami, Besnik; Hattori, Hidenori; Jia, Yonghui; Dickinson, Bryan C.; Zhong, Jia; Ye, Keqiang; Chang, Christopher J.; Ho, Ye-Shih; Zhou, Jun; Luo, Hongbo
2010Small-Molecule Screen Identifies Reactive Oxygen Species as Key Regulators of Neutrophil ChemotaxisHattori, Hidenori; Subramanian, Kulandayan K.; Sakai, Jiro; Jia, Yonghui; Li, Yitang; Porter, Timothy F.; Loison, Fabien; Sarraj, Bara; Kasorn, Anongnard; Jo, Hakryul; Blanchard, Catlyn; Zirkle, Dorothy; McDonald, Douglas Ray; Pai, Sung-Yun; Serhan, Charles Nicholas; Luo, Hongbo