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2018 AJNLPEM Volume 314 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2018Exercise training reduces intrahepatic lipid content in people with and people without nonalcoholic fatty liverBrouwers, X Bram; Schrauwen-hinderling, Vera B; Jelenik, Tomas; Gemmink, Anne; Sparks, Lauren M; Havekes, Bas; Bruls, Yvonne; Dahlmans, Dennis; Roden, Michael; Hesselink, Matthijs K C; Schrauwen, Patrick
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 1 January (33).pdf.jpg2016Genotype-Dependent Brown Adipose Tissue Activation in Patients With Pheochromocytoma andPuar, Troy; Berkel, Anouk Van; Gotthardt, Martin; Havekes, Bas; Hermus, Ad R M M; Lenders, Jacques W M; Lichtenbelt, Wouter D Van Marken; Xu, Ying; Brans, Boudewijn; Timmers, Henri J L M
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 6 June (33).pdf.jpg2018High Fear of Disease Occurrence Is Associated With LowLe, A R T I C; Leeuwaarde, Rachel S Van; Pieterman, Carolina R C; Bleiker, Eveline M A; Dekkers, Olaf M; Horst-schrivers, Anouk N Van Der; Hermus, Ad R; Herder, Wouter W De; Drent, Madeleine L; Bisschop, Peter H; Havekes, Bas; Vriens, Menno R; Valk, Gerlof D
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 3 March (52).pdf.jpg2016Impact of Delay in Diagnosis in Outcomes in MEN1 : Results From the Dutch MEN1 Study GroupLeeuwaarde, Rachel S Van; Nesselrooij, Bernadette P M Van; Hermus, Ad R; Drent, Madeleine L; Bisschop, Peter H; Havekes, Bas; Vriens, Menno R; Laat, Joanne M De; Pieterman, Carolina R C; Valk, Gerlof D
2018 AnnalsofSurgery Volume 267 Issue 6 June (27).pdf.jpg2018Management of MEN1 Related Nonfunctioning Pancreatic NETs: A Shifting Paradigm: Results From the DutchMEN1 Study GroupNell, Sjoerd; Verkooijen, Helena M.; Pieterman, Carolina R.C.; de Herder, Wouter W.; Hermus, Ad R.; Dekkers, Olaf M.; van der Horst-Schrivers, Anouk N.; Drent, Madeleine L.; Bisschop, Peter H.; Havekes, Bas; Borel Rinkes, Inne H.M.; Vriens, Menno R.; Valk, Gerlof D.
JCEM 2017 Volume 102 Issue 6 June (19).pdf.jpg2017MEN1-dependent breast cancer: indication for early screening? <italic>Results from the Dutch MEN1 study group</italic>Le, A R T I C; Leeuwaarde, Rachel S Van; Dreijerink, Koen M; Ausems, Margreet G; Beijers, Hanneke J; Dekkers, Olaf M; Herder, Wouter W De; Horst-schrivers, Anouk N Van Der; Drent, Madeleine L; Bisschop, Peter H; Havekes, Bas; Peeters, Petra H M; Pijnappel, Ruud M; Vri
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 5 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Pediatric Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma in The Netherlands : A Nationwide Follow-Up StudyHesselink, Mariëlle S Klein; Nies, Marloes; Bocca, Gianni; Brouwers, Adrienne H; Burgerhof, Johannes G M; Dam, Eveline W C M Van; Havekes, Bas; Heuvel-eibrink, Marry M Van Den; Corssmit, Eleonora P M; Peeters, Robin P; Schmid, Kurt W; Smit, Johannes W A; Williams, Graham R; Plukker, John T M; Ronckers, Cécile M; Santen, Hanneke M Van; Tissing, Wim J E; Links, Thera P