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217.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2015Conservative behavior of fluorescence EEM-PARAFAC components in resin fractionation processes and its applicability for characterizing dissolved organic matterHe, Wei; Hur, Jin
2018 CEJ Volume 331 January (1).pdf.jpg2018An e ffi cient and green pathway for continuous Friedel-Crafts acylation over α -Fe 2 O 3 and CaCO 3 nanoparticles prepared in the microreactorsFang, Zheng; He, Wei; Tu, Tao; Lv, Niuniu; Qiu, Chuanhong; Li, Xin; Zhu, Ning; Wan, Li
2014Electronic Medical Record Cancer Incidence over Six Years Comparing New Users of Glargine with New Users of NPH InsulinLim, Soo; Stember, Katherine G.; He, Wei; Bianca, Porneala C.; Yelibi, Carine; Marquis, Alison; Stürmer, Til; Buse, John B.; Meigs, James B.
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 32 November (11).pdf.jpg2016Everolimus for the Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors : Overall Survival and Circulating Biomarkers From the Randomized , Phase III RADIANT-3 StudyYao, James C; Pavel, Marianne; Lombard-bohas, Catherine; Cutsem, Eric Van; Voi, Maurizio; Brandt, Ulrike; He, Wei; Chen, David; Capdevila, Jaume; Vries, Elisabeth G E De; Tomassetti, Paola; Hobday, Timothy; Pommier, Rodney
2016 NATURE Volume 536 Issue 7617 August (44).pdf.jpg2016for strigolactoneYao, Ruifeng; Ming, Zhenhua; Yan, Liming; Li, Suhua; Wang, Fei; Ma, Sui; Yu, Caiting; Yang, Mai; Chen, Li; Chen, Linhai; Li, Yuwen; Yan, Chun; Miao, Di; Sun, Zhongyuan; Yan, Jianbin; Sun, Yuna; Wang, Lei; Chu, Jinfang; Fan, Shilong; He, Wei; Deng, Haiteng; Nan, Fajun; Li, Jiay
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 2 February (40).pdf.jpg2016Hypoglycemia in Diabetes Mellitus as a Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factor in Patients at ElevatedLeong, Aaron; Berkowitz, Seth A; Triant, Virginia A; Porneala, Bianca; He, Wei; Atlas, Steven J; Wexler, Deborah J; Meigs, James B
WR 2017 Volume 119 August (20).pdf.jpg2017Integrated ecological and chemical food web accumulation modeling explains PAH temporal trends during regime shifts in a shallow lakeKong, Xiangzhen; He, Wei; Qin, Ning; Liu, Wenxiu; Yang, Bin; Yang, Chen; Xu, Fuliu; Mooij, Wolf M.; Koelmans, Albert a.
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 18 June (2).pdf.jpg2016Molecular Alterations and Everolimus Ef fi cacy in Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 – Overexpressing Metastatic Breast Cancers : Combined Exploratory Biomarker Analysis From BOLERO-1 and BOLERO-3Andr, Fabrice; Hurvitz, Sara; Fasolo, Angelica; Tseng, Ling-ming; Jerusalem, Guy; Wilks, Sharon; Regan, Ruth O; Isaacs, Claudine; Toi, Masakazu; Burris, Howard; He, Wei; Robinson, Douglas; Riester, Markus; Taran, Tetiana; Chen, David; Slamon, Dennis
2016 WR Volume 100 September (47).pdf.jpg2016Molecular diversity of riverine alkaline-extractable sediment organic matter and its linkages with spectral indicators and molecular size distributionsHe, Wei; Chen, Meilian; Park, Jae-eun; Hur, Jin
2018 CEJ Volume 331 January (3).pdf.jpg2018A novel micro- fl ow system under microwave irradiation for continuous synthesis of 1 , 4-dihydropyridines in the absence of solvents via Hantzsch reactionHe, Wei; Fang, Zheng; Zhang, Kai; Tu, Tao; Lv, Niuniu; Qiu, Chuanhong; Guo, Kai
2017 JOMS Volume 75 Issue 8 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Reconstruction of Maxillary and Orbital Floor Defect With Free Fibula Flap and Whole Individualized Titanium Mesh Assisted by Computer TechniquesFu, Kun; Liu, Yiming; Gao, Ning; Cai, Jinghua; He, Wei
2018 DiabetesCare Volume 41 Issue 3 March (42).pdf.jpg2018Six-Year Diabetes Incidence After Genetic Risk Testing and Counseling : A Randomized Clinical TrialVassy, Jason L; He, Wei; Florez, Jose C; Meigs, James B; Grant, Richard W
2017 JCRS Volume 43 Issue 10 October (15).pdf.jpg2017Supercritical impregnation and optical characterization of loaded foldable intraocular lenses using supercritical fluidsBouledjouidja, Abir; Masmoudi, Yasmine; Li, Yanfeng; He, Wei
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 18 September (12).pdf.jpg2016Treatment of hepatic tumors by thermal versus mechanical effects of pulsed high intensity focused ultrasound in vivo.Peng, Song; Zhou, Ping; He, Wei; Liao, Manqiong; Chen, Lili; Ma, C-M