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21.pdf.jpgMay-20153-T diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of normal uterus in young and middle-aged females during the menstrual cycle: evaluation of the cyclic changes of fractional anisotropy (FA) and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) valuesHe, Y; Ding, N; Li, Y; Li, Z; Xiang, Y; Jin, Z; Xue, H
2006Assignment of the absolute configuration of (-)-linarinic acid by theoretical calculation and asymmetric total synthesisCheng, M; Li, Q; Lin, B; Sha, Y; Ren, J; He, Y; Wang, Q; Hua, H; Ruud, K
1997Evaluation of p53 proteins overexpression an independent prognostic factor in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaHe, D; Tsao, GSW; Liao, Q; He, Y; White, FH
2017 OJAAOphthalmology Volume 124 Issue 9 September (4).pdf.jpg2017The influence of age at menarche , menstrual cycle length and bleeding duration on time to pregnancy : a large prospective cohort study among rural Chinese womenZhang, Q; Wang, Y Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, H G; Yang, Y; He, Y; Xu, J H; Zhao, J; Peng, Z Q; Ma, X
AJNLPCIRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 1 July (13).pdf.jpg2018KLF2-mediated disruption of PPAR- ␥ signaling in lymphatic endothelial cells exposed to chronically increased pulmonary lymph flowMorris, Catherine J; Kameny, Rebecca J; Boehme, Jason; Gong, Wenhui; He, Youping; Zhu, Terry; Maltepe, Emin; Raff, Gary W; Fineman, Jeffrey R; Datar, Sanjeev A; Cj, Morris; Rj, Kameny; Boehme, J; Gong, W; He, Y; Zhu, T; Maltepe, E; Gw, Raff; Jr, Fineman; Klf-mediated, Datar
JMV 2017 Volume 89 Issue 8 August (25).pdf.jpg2017A molecular epidemiology study investigating familial clustering of hepatitis B virus infection in families with unfavorable prognoses in Northwest ChinaYanag, Y; Du, D; Jin, L; Tian, Z; Li, Q; Yi, R; Qiu, T; Yang, D; He, Y; Liu, J; Chen, T; Zhao, Y
2018 UiOG Volume 51 Issue 5 May (14).pdf.jpg2018Picture of the MonthHan, J; Hao, X; He, Y
2017 JMHPN Volume 24 Issue 4 May (9).pdf.jpg2017The psychometric properties of the 5-item gratitude questionnaire in Chinese adolescentsZeng, Y; Ling, Y; Lei, X; Huebner, E S; He, Y; Second, The; Hospital, Xiangya
2016 JU Volume 195 Issue 6 June (63).pdf.jpg2016Re : Autophagy Defects Suggested by Low Levels of Autophagy Activator MAP1S and High Levels of Autophagy Inhibitor LRPPRC Predict Poor Prognosis of Prostate Cancer Patients Urolithiasis / Endourology Re : Characterization of Urinary Stone Composition by UJiang, X; Zhong, W; Huang, H; He, H; Jiang, F; Chen, Y; Yue, F; Zou, J; Li, X; He, Y
2010Significance of chrysin from a cognitive-enhanching chinese herb Alphinae oxyphyllae as a source of potential neuroprotective agentHong, SJ; Ho, YS; He, Y; Che, CT; Lin, ZX; So, KF; Chang, RCC; Chiu, K
2009The neuroprotection effects of a cognitiive-enhancing herb Alpinae Oxyphyllae and its component chrysin on glutamate-induced neurotoxicityJia, HS; Lin, X; He, Y; Che, CT; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC