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2016 NEUR Volume 87 Issue 7 August (11).pdf.jpg2016Age and neurodegeneration imaging biomarkers in persons with Alzheimer disease dementiaKnopman, David S; Jack, Clifford R; Wiste, Heather J; Weigand, Stephen D; Lowe, Val J; Gunter, Jeffrey L; Senjem, Matthew L; Mielke, Michelle M; Machulda, Mary M; Roberts, Rosebud O; Jones, David T; Petersen, Ronald C
2016 NEUR Volume 87 Issue 9 August (8).pdf.jpg2016Effects of hormone therapy on brain structureKantarci, Kejal; Zuk, Samantha M; Gunter, Jeffrey L; Gleason, Carey E; Wharton, Whitney; Dowling, N Maritza; Shuster, Lynne T; Bailey, Kent R; Rocca, Walter A; Jack, Clifford R
2017 Neurology Volume 89 Issue 13 September (13).pdf.jpg2017H-MRS metabolites and rate of b -amyloid accumulation on serial PET in clinically normal adultsNedelska, Zuzana; Przybelski, Scott A; Lesnick, Timothy G; Schwarz, Christopher G; Lowe, Val J; Machulda, Mary M; Mielke, Michelle M; Roberts, Rosebud O; Boeve, Bradley F; Knopman, David S; Petersen, Ronald C; Jack, Clifford R
2016 Neuro Volume 86 Issue 22 May (12).pdf.jpg2016Multimorbidity and neuroimaging biomarkers among cognitively normal personsVassilaki, Maria; Aakre, Jeremiah A; Mielke, Michelle M; Alhurani, Rabe E; Machulda, Mary M; Knopman, David S; Petersen, Ronald C; Lowe, Val J; Jack, Clifford R; Roberts, Rosebud O
Neurology 2017 Volume 88 Issue 18 May (15).pdf.jpg2017A phase 3 trial of IV immunoglobulin for Alzheimer diseaseRelkin, Norman R; Thomas, Ronald G; Rissman, Robert A; Brewer, James B; Rafii, Michael S; Dyck, Christopher H Van; Jack, Clifford R; Sano, Mary; Knopman, David S; Szabo, Paul; Fritsch, Sandor
2017 Neurology Volume 89 Issue 20 November (5).pdf.jpg2017Weighting and standardization of frequencies to determine prevalence of AD imaging biomarkersRoberts, Rosebud O; Knopman, David S; Syrjanen, Jeremy A; Aakre, Jeremiah A; Vassilaki, Maria; Mielke, Michelle M; Machulda, Mary M; Graff-radford, Jonathan; Lowe, Val; Jack, Clifford R