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2016 Neuro Volume 86 Issue 20 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Accelerating rates of cognitive decline and imaging markers associated with b -amyloid pathologyInsel, Philip S; Mackin, R Scott; Schöll, Michael; Nosheny, Rachel L; Donohue, Michael C; Jagust, William J; Weiner, Michael W
2016 NATU Volume 86 Issue 15 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Amyloid negativity in patients with clinically diagnosed Alzheimer disease and MCILandau, Susan M; Horng, Andy; Fero, Allison; Jagust, William J
Neurology 2017 Volume 88 Issue 11 March (16).pdf.jpg2017Clinical / Scientific NotesLockhart, Samuel N; Winer, Joseph R; Joie, Renaud La; Jagust, William J
Neurology 2017 Volume 88 Issue 8 February (8).pdf.jpg2017Frontotemporal dementia with the V337M MAPT mutation Tau-PET and pathology correlationsSpina, Salvatore; Schonhaut, Daniel R; Boeve, Bradley F; Seeley, William W; Ossenkoppele, Rik; Neil, James P O; Lazaris, Andreas; Rosen, Howard J; Boxer, Adam L; Perry, David C; Miller, Bruce L; Dickson, Dennis W; Parisi, Joseph E; Jagust, William J; Murray, Melissa E
2018 EJoNMMI Volume 45 Issue 3 March (15).pdf.jpg2018Head to head comparison of [ 18 F ] AV-1451 and [ 18 F ] THK5351 for tau imaging in Alzheimer ’ s disease and frontotemporal dementiaJang, Young Kyoung; Lyoo, Chul Hyoung; Park, Seongbeom; Oh, Seung Jun; Cho, Hanna; Oh, Minyoung; Ryu, Young Hoon; Choi, Jae Yong; Rabinovici, Gil D; Kim, Hee Jin; Moon, Seung Hwan; Jang, Hyemin; Lee, Jin San; Jagust, William J; Na, Duk L; Kim, Jae Seung
2018 Neurology Volume 90 Issue 17 April (4).pdf.jpg2018Memory decline accompanies subthreshold amyloid accumulationLandau, Susan M; Horng, Andy; Jagust, William J; Neuroimaging, Disease
JNM 2017 Volume 58 Issue 2 February (1).pdf.jpg2017Reference Tissue–Based Kinetic Evaluation of 18 F-AV-1451 for Tau ImagingBaker, Suzanne L; Lockhart, Samuel N; Price, Julie C; He, Mark; Huesman, Ronald H; Schonhaut, Daniel; Faria, Jamie; Rabinovici, Gil; Jagust, William J; Biophysics, Molecular; Bioimaging, Integrated; Berkeley, Lawrence; Neuroscience, Helen Wills
2017 Neurology Volume 89 Issue 19 November (13).pdf.jpg2017Subjective cognitive decline and b -amyloid burden predict cognitive change in healthy elderlyVogel, Jacob W; Joie, Renaud La; Marks, Shawn M; Schwimmer, Henry D; Landau, Susan M; Jagust, William J