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2007An ammonia fuelled SOFC with a BaCe0.9Nd0.1O3-δ thin electrolyte prepared with a suspension sprayXie, K; Ma, Q; Lin, B; Jiang, Y; Gao, J; Meng, G; Liu, X
2008An efficient privacy-preserving scheme for wireless link layer securityFan, Y; Lin, B; Jiang, Y; Shen, X
BJANASTH 2017 Volume 118 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of effectiveness of two commonly used two-handed mask ventilation techniques on unconscious apnoeic obese adultsFei, M; Blair, J L; Rice, M J; Edwards, D A; Liang, Y; Pilla, M A; Shotwell, M S; Jiang, Y
2016 BJA Volume 117 Issue 1 July (23).pdf.jpg2016Continuous non-invasive cardiac output monitoring during exercise : validation of electrical cardiometry with Fick and thermodilution methodsLiu, Y H; Dhakal, B P; Keesakul, C; Kacmarek, R M; Lewis, G D; Jiang, Y
2017 BJoBJS Volume 99B Issue 7 July (5).pdf.jpg2017Equalisation of leg lengths in total hip arthroplasty for patients with Crowe type-IV developmental dysplasia of the hip CLASSIFICATION AND MANAGEMENTLi, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, Q; Peng, X; Wang, Q; Jiang, Y; Chen, Y
2018 AJoR Volume 210 Issue 4 April (38).pdf.jpg2018Evaluation of Diffusion Kurtosis in a Rodent Model of Acute StrokeJi, Yang; Wang, Xiaoying; Sun, Phillip Zhe; Lu, D; Jiang, Y; Ji, Y
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 3 March (17).pdf.jpg2016Features and PTEN Expression of Peripheral Zone Prostate Cancer : A Pilot StudyMccann, Stephanie M; Fan, Xiaobing; Wang, Jianing; Prior, Fred; Vanderweele, David; Oto, Aytekin; Sm, Mccann; Jiang, Y; Fan, X
2008Low-temperature protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells (PCMFCs) with SrCo0.9Sb0.1O3-δ cubic perovskite cathodeDing, H; Lin, B; Jiang, Y; Wang, S; Fang, D; Dong, Y; Tao, S; Peng, R; Meng, G; Liu, X
AJNLPRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 4 October (17).pdf.jpg2018Mechanism and Treatment of Renal Fibrosis Divergent effects of AKI to CKD models on inflammation and fibrosisBlack, X L M; Lever, X J M; Traylor, A M; Chen, B; Yang, Z; Esman, S K; Jiang, Y; Cutter, G R; Boddu, R; George, J F; Agarwal, A; Lm, Black; Jm, Lever; Am, Traylor; Chen, B; Yang, Z; Jiang, Y; Gr, Cutter; Boddu, R; Jf, George; Agarwal, A
55.pdf.jpgJan-2015Non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidies in the first trimester of pregnancySong, Y; Huang, S; Zhou, X; Jiang, Y; Qi, Q; Bian, X; Zhang, J; Yan, Y; Cram, D S; Liu, J
2017 JOU Volume 198 Issue 4 October (34).pdf.jpg2017Re : Analysis of Risk Factors Leading to Postoperative Urethral Stricture and Diagnostic Urology , Urinary Diversion and Perioperative Care Re : Do no Harm , Except to Ourselves ? A Survey of Symptoms and Injuries Re : Ultrasound-Assisted Prompted VoidingTao, H; Jiang, Y; Jun, Q; Ding, X; Jian, D L; Jie, D; Ping, Z Y
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 14 October (23).pdf.jpg2016Seroprevalence and associated risk factors of Toxocara infection in Korean , Manchu , Mongol , and Han ethnic groups in northern ChinaYang, G; Zhang, X; Shi, C; Yang, W; Jiang, Y
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 9 July (15).pdf.jpg2016Seroprevalence and associated risk factors of Toxoplasma gondii infection in the Korean , Manchu , Mongol and Han ethnic groups in eastern and northeastern ChinaZhang, X; Zhao, Q; Shi, C; Yang, W; Jiang, Y; Wei, Z
2008Stable, easily sintered BaCe0.5Zr0.3y 0.16Zn0.04O3-δ electrolyte-based protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells with Ba0.5Sr0.5Zn 0.2Fe0.8O3-δ perovskite cathodeLin, B; Hu, M; Ma, J; Jiang, Y; Tao, S; Meng, G
2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (844).pdf.jpg2016Type of sexual intercourse experience and suicidal ideation, plans, and attempts among youths: a cross-sectional study in South KoreaKim, Geum Hee; Ahn, Hyeong Sik; Kim, Hyun Jung; Lee, Gy; Choi, Yj; Peltzer, K; Pengpid, S; Stone, Dm; Luo, F; Ouyang, L; Lippy, C; Hertz, Mf; Crosby, Ae; Marshal, Mp; Dietz, Lj; Friedman, Ms; Stall, R; Smith, Ha; McGinley, J; Duncan, Dt; Hatzenbuehler, Ml; Jiang, Y; Perry, Dk