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2017 AJoS Volume 214 Issue 5 November (15).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery The association of hypoalbuminemia with early perioperative outcomes e A comprehensive assessment across 16 major proceduresMeyer, Christian P; Rios-diaz, Arturo J; Dalela, Deepansh; Ravi, Praful; Sood, Akshay; Hanske, Julian; Chun, Felix K H; Kibel, Adam S; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Sun, Maxine; Trinh, Quoc-dien
2018 BJoUI Volume 121 Issue 3 March (18).pdf.jpg2018Associations of speci fi c postoperative complications with costs after radical cystectomyMossanen, Matthew; Krasnow, Ross E; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Preston, Mark A; Kibel, Adam S; Ha, Albert; Gore, John L; Smith, Angela B; Leow, Jeffrey J; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Chang, Steven L
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 23 August (17).pdf.jpg2016Baseline Prostate-Speci fi c Antigen Levels in Midlife Predict Lethal Prostate CancerPreston, Mark A; Batista, Julie L; Wilson, Kathryn M; Carlsson, Sigrid V; Gerke, Travis; Sjoberg, Daniel D; Dahl, Douglas M; Sesso, Howard D; Feldman, Adam S; Gann, Peter H; Kibel, Adam S; Vickers, Andrew J; Mucci, Lorelei A; Sesso, D; Kibel, Adam S
491.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Castration-resistant prostate cancer: AUA guideline amendmentCookson, Michael S; Lowrance, William T; Murad, Mohammad H; Kibel, Adam S
2016 JU Volume 195 Issue 2 February (17).pdf.jpg2016The Contemporary Incidence and Sequelae of Rhabdomyolysis Following Extirpative Renal Surgery : A Population Based AnalysisGelpi-hammerschmidt, Francisco; Tinay, Ilker; Allard, Christopher B; Su, Li-ming; Preston, Mark A; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Kibel, Adam S; Wang, Ye; Chung, Benjamin I; Chang, Steven L
2016 BJUI Volume 118 Issue 2 August (26).pdf.jpg2016Dose-dependent effect of androgen deprivation therapy for localized prostate cancer on adverse cardiac eventsSchmid, Marianne; Sammon, Jesse D; Reznor, Gally; Kapoor, Victor; Speed, Jacqueline M; Abdollah, Firas A; Sood, Akshay; Chun, Felix K; Kibel, Adam S; Menon, Mani; Fisch, Margit; Sun, Maxine; Trinh, Quoc-dien
2017 JOU Volume 198 Issue 3 September (45).pdf.jpg2017Editorials Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer and Active Surveillance : Maximize Utilization while Minimizing FailureKibel, Adam S
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 29 October (21).pdf.jpg2016Ef fi cacy of High-Intensity Local Treatment for Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder : A Propensity Score – Weighted Analysis From the National Cancer Data BaseSeisen, Thomas; Sun, Maxine; Leow, Jeffrey J; Preston, Mark A; Cole, Alexander P; Gelpi-hammerschmidt, Francisco; Hanna, Nawar; Meyer, Christian P; Kibel, Adam S; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Nguyen, Paul L; Bellmunt, Joaquim; Choueiri, Toni K; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Gelpi-hammerschm
1080.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2015Effect of preoperative angina pectoris on cardiac outcomes in patients with previous myocardial infarction undergoing major noncardiac surgery (data from ACS-NSQIP)Pandey, Ambarish; Sood, Akshay; Sammon, Jesse D; Abdollah, Firas; Gupta, Ena; Golwala, Harsh; Bardia, Amit; Kibel, Adam S; Menon, Mani; Trinh, Quoc-Dien
JCO 2017 Volume 35 Issue 8 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Effectiveness of Adjuvant Chemotherapy After Radical Nephroureterectomy for Locally Advanced and / or Positive Regional Lymph Node Upper Tract Urothelial CarcinomaSeisen, Thomas; Krasnow, Ross E; Bellmunt, Joaquim; Roupr, Morgan; Leow, Jeffrey J; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Malte, W; Preston, Mark A; Hanna, Nawar; Kibel, Adam S; Sun, Maxine; Choueiri, Toni K; Trinh, Quoc-dien; Chang, Steven L
221.pdf.jpgAug-2015Impact of smoking on perioperative outcomes after major surgerySchmid, Marianne; Sood, Akshay; Campbell, Logan; Kapoor, Victor; Dalela, Deepansh; Klett, Dane E; Chun, Felix K-H; Kibel, Adam S; Sammon, Jesse D; Menon, Mani; Fisch, Margit; Trinh, Quoc-Dien
713.pdf.jpgMay-2015Impact of surgeon volume on the morbidity and costs of radical cystectomy in the USA: a contemporary population-based analysisLeow, Jeffrey J; Reese, Stephen; Trinh, Quoc-Dien; Bellmunt, Joaquim; Chung, Benjamin I; Kibel, Adam S; Chang, Steven L
2017 JoUrology Volume 198 Issue 5 November (15).pdf.jpg2017Morbidity and Mortality of Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer : A Population Based Analysis Comparing Radical Prostatectomy versus External Beam RadiationFeldman, Adam S; Meyer, Christian P; Sanchez, Alejandro; Krasnova, Anna; Reznor, Gally; Menon, Mani; Kibel, Adam S; Choueiri, Toni K; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Sun, Maxine; Trinh, Quoc-dien
666.pdf.jpgApr-2015Preventable mortality after common urological surgery: failing to rescue?Sammon, Jesse D; Pucheril, Daniel; Abdollah, Firas; Varda, Briony; Sood, Akshay; Bhojani, Naeem; Chang, Steven L; Kim, Simon P; Ruhotina, Nedim; Schmid, Marianne; Sun, Maxine; Kibel, Adam S; Menon, Mani; Semel, Marcus E; Trinh, Quoc-Dien
2017 JOU Volume 198 Issue 2 August (16).pdf.jpg2017Prophylactic Antibiotics and Postoperative Complications of Radical Cystectomy : A Population Based Analysis in the United StatesKrasnow, Ross E; Mossanen, Matthew; Koo, Sophia; Kubiak, David W; Preston, Mark A; Chung, Benjamin I; Kibel, Adam S; Chang, Steven L
JURO 2017 Volume 197 Issue 2 February (20).pdf.jpg2017Relief of Urinary Symptom Burden after Primary Prostate Cancer TreatmentChang, Peter; Regan, Meredith M; Guedea, Ferran; Patil, Dattatraya; Wei, John T; Hembroff, Larry A; Michalski, Jeff M; Saigal, Chris S; Litwin, Mark S; Hamstra, Daniel A; Kaplan, Irving D; Ciezki, Jay P; Klein, Eric A; Kibel, Adam S; Sandler, Howard M; Dunn, Rodney L; Cr
2016 BJUI Volume 118 Issue 2 August (7).pdf.jpg2016Suicide and accidental deaths among patients with non-metastatic prostate cancerDalela, Deepansh; Krishna, Nandita; Okwara, James; Preston, Mark A; Abdollah, Firas; Choueiri, Toni K; Reznor, Gally; Sammon, Jesse D; Schmid, Marianne; Kibel, Adam S; Nguyen, Paul L; Menon, Mani; Trinh, Quoc-dien
2016JU Volume 196 Issue 4 October (27).pdf.jpg2016Surgeon and Hospital Level Variation in the Costs of Robot-Assisted Radical ProstatectomyCole, Alexander P; Leow, Jeffrey J; Chang, Steven L; Chung, Benjamin I; Meyer, Christian P; Kibel, Adam S; Menon, Mani; Nguyen, Paul L; Choueiri, Toni K; Reznor, Gally; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Sammon, Jesse D; Sun, Maxine; Trinh, Quoc-dien
929.pdf.jpgJun-2015The impact of robotic surgery on the surgical management of prostate cancer in the USAChang, Steven L; Kibel, Adam S; Brooks, James D; Chung, Benjamin I