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2010CD4 count at presentation for HIV care in the United States and Canada: Are those over 50 years more likely to have a delayed presentation?Althoff, Keri N; Gebo, Kelly A; Gange, Stephen J; Klein, Marina B; Hogg, Robert S; Horberg, Michael A; Saag, Michael S; Kitahata, Mari M; Eron, Joseph J; Napravnik, Sonia; Rourke, Sean B; Rodriguez, Benigno; Sterling, Timothy R; Deeks, Steven G; Jacobson, Lisa P; Kirk, Gregory D; Collier, Ann C; Benson, Constance A; Silverberg, Michael J; Goedert, James J; McKaig, Rosemary G; Thorne, Jennifer; Rachlis, Anita; Moore, Richard D; Justice, Amy C; Brooks, John T.; Bosch, Ronald J.; Gill, M. John; Martin, Jeffery N.
507.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2015Cumulative Incidence of Cancer Among Persons With HIV in North America: A Cohort StudySilverberg, Michael J; Lau, Bryan; Achenbach, Chad J; Jing, Yuezhou; Althoff, Keri N; D'Souza, Gypsyamber; Engels, Eric A; Hessol, Nancy A; Brooks, John T; Burchell, Ann N; Gill, M John; Goedert, James J; Hogg, Robert; Horberg, Michael A; Kirk, Gregory D; Kitahata, Mari M; Korthuis, Philip T; Mathews, William C; Mayor, Angel; Modur, Sharada P; Napravnik, Sonia; Novak, Richard M; Patel, Pragna; Rachlis, Anita R; Sterling, Timothy R; Willig, James H; Justice, Amy C; Moore, Richard D; Dubrow, Robert
2018 JoID Volume 217 Issue 5 March (6).pdf.jpg2018Hepatitis E Virus Seroprevalence and Correlates of Anti-HEV IgG Antibodies in the Rakai District , UgandaBoon, Denali; Redd, Andrew D; Laeyendecker, Oliver; Engle, Ronald E; Ocama, Ponsiano; Boaz, Iga; Ndyanabo, Anthony; Kiggundu, Valerian; Kirk, Gregory D; Quinn, Thomas C; Stabinski, Lara
2017 CID Volume 65 Issue 2 July (12).pdf.jpg2017Increased Mortality Among Persons With Chronic Hepatitis C With Moderate or Severe Liver Disease : A Cohort StudyCepeda, Javier A; Thomas, David L; Astemborski, Jacquie; Sulkowski, Mark S; Kirk, Gregory D; Mehta, Shruti H
2016 JID Volume 214 Issue 10 November (25).pdf.jpg2016MAJOR ARTICLE HIV Suppression Restores the Lung Mucosal CD4 + T-Cell Viral Immune Response and Resolves CD8 + T-Cell Alveolitis in Patients at Risk for HIV-Associated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseasePopescu, Iulia; Drummond, M Bradley; Gama, Lucio; Lambert, Allison; Hoji, Aki; Coon, Tiffany; Merlo, Christian A; Wise, Robert A; Keruly, Jeanne; Clements, Janice E; Kirk, Gregory D; Mcdyer, John F
2016 JID Volume 214 Issue 3 August (16).pdf.jpg2016Use of Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV ) Immunoglobulin G Antibody Avidity as a Biomarker to Estimate the Population-Level Incidence of HCV InfectionPatel, Eshan U; Cox, Andrea L; Mehta, Shruti H; Boon, Denali; Mullis, Caroline E; Astemborski, Jacquie; Osburn, William O; Quinn, Jeffrey; Redd, Andrew D; Kirk, Gregory D; Thomas, David L; Quinn, Thomas C; Laeyendecker, Oliver