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2012A novel ChREBP isoform in adipose tissue regulates systemic glucose metabolismHerman, Mark Andrew; Peroni, Odile Daniele; Villoria, Jorge; Schön, Michael R.; Abumrad, Nada A.; Blüher, Matthias; Klein, Samuel; Kahn, Barbara
1253.pdf.jpgJul-2015Calorie Restriction and Matched Weight Loss From Exercise: Independent and Additive Effects on Glucoregulation and the Incretin System in Overweight Women and MenWeiss, Edward P; Albert, Stewart G; Reeds, Dominic N; Kress, Kathleen S; Ezekiel, Uthayashanker R; McDaniel, Jennifer L; Patterson, Bruce W; Klein, Samuel; Villareal, Dennis T
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 3 March (28).pdf.jpg2018Diurnal Variation in PDK4 Expression Is Associated With Plasma Free Fatty Acid Availability in PeopleLe, A R T I C; Yamaguchi, Shintaro; Moseley, Anna C; Almeda-valdes, Paloma; Stromsdorfer, Kelly L; Franczyk, Michael P; Okunade, Adewole L; Patterson, Bruce W; Klein, Samuel; Yoshino, Jun
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2016Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding on gastrointestinal metabolism of ingested glucose 1 , 2Magkos, Faidon; Bradley, David; Eagon, J Christopher; Patterson, Bruce W; Klein, Samuel
385.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2015Endurance exercise: more pain, more metabolic gainYoshino, Mihoko; Klein, Samuel
115.pdf.jpgJul-2015Fish oil-derived n-3 PUFA therapy increases muscle mass and function in healthy older adultsSmith, Gordon I; Julliand, Sophie; Reeds, Dominic N; Sinacore, David R; Klein, Samuel; Mittendorfer, Bettina
2017 JCEM Volume 102 Issue 10 October (24).pdf.jpg2017Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Has Unique Effects on Postprandial FGF21 but Not FGF19 SecretionLe, A R T I C; Harris, Lydia-ann L S; Smith, Gordon I; Mittendorfer, Bettina; Eagon, J Christopher; Okunade, Adewole L; Patterson, Bruce W; Klein, Samuel
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 11 November (37).pdf.jpg2016VLDL Triglyceride Kinetics in Lean , Overweight , and Obese Men and WomenMittendorfer, Bettina; Yoshino, Mihoko; Patterson, Bruce W; Klein, Samuel