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2006Cytogenetic aberrations in immortalization of esophageal epithelial cellsLaw, S; Tsao, SW; Kwong, YL; Zhang, H; Jin, Y; Chen, X; Jin, C
2005Cytogenetic and molecular alterations in immortalization of normal esophageal epithelial cellsKwong, YL; Tsao, GSW; Zhang, Hao; 張浩
2004Cytogenetic and molecular genetic characterization of immortalized human ovarian surface epithelial cell lines: Consistent loss of chromosome 13 and amplification of chromosome 20Jin, Y; Zhang, H; Tsao, SW; Jin, C; Lv, M; Strömbeck, B; Wiegant, J; Wan, TSK; Yuen, PW; Kwong, YL
2004E-cadherin in gastric cancerKwong, YL; Chan, On-on, Annie.; 陳安安.
2008Id1 overexpression induces tetraploidization and multiple abnormal mitotic phenotypes by modulating Aurora AMan, C; Rosa, J; Yip, YL; Cheung, ALM; Kwong, YL; Doxsey, SJ; Tsao, SW
2005ID1 Upregulates Aurora Kinase A, Induces Centrosome abnormalities, Polyploidy and Disrupts Microtubule IntegrityMan, CWY; Rosa, J; Wu, ZQ; Akira, H; Jin, D; Ling, MT; Cheung, A; Kwong, YL; Doxsey, S; Tsao, GSW
2005Immortalization of human extravillous cytotrophoblasts by human papilloma virus gene E6E7: Sequential cytogenetic and molecular genetic characterizationDeng, W; Tsao, SW; Kwong, YL; Jin, Y; Feng, HC; Zhang, H; Lv, M; Jin, C
2006In vitro effects of arsenic trioxide on head and neck squamous cells carcinomaKwong, YL; Chu, Wai-keung.; 朱偉強.
2007Induction of genomic instability and mitotic dysregulation in immortalized nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsTsao, GSW; Kwong, YL; Cheung, A; Man, Wing-yin, Cornelia.; 文詠賢.
2005Karyotypic evolution and tumor progression in head and neck squamous cell carcinomasJin, Y; Jin, C; Lv, M; Tsao, SW; Zhu, J; Wennerberg, J; Mertens, F; Kwong, YL
2007Latent membrane protein 1 suppresses RASSF1A expression, disrupts microtubule structures and induces chromosomal aberrations in human epithelial cellsChow, BKC; Kwong, YL; Jin, DY; Cheung, ALM; Tsao, SW; Man, C; Rosa, J; Lee, LTO; Lee, VHY; Lo, KW; Doxsey, S; Wu, ZG
2006Molecular and cytogenetic changes involved in the immortalization of nasopharyngeal epithelial cells by telomeraseDeng, W; Kwong, YL; Tsao, SW; Li, HM; Man, C; Jin, Y; Yip, YL; Feng, HC; Cheung, YC; Lo, KW; Meltzer, PS; Wu, ZG; Yuen, APW
2007Papillomavirus type 16 E6/E7 and human telomerase reverse transcriptase in esophageal cell immortalization and early transformationLaw, S; Tsao, SW; Kwong, YL; Zhang, H; Jin, Y; Chen, X; Jin, C
2003Patterns of gene promoter methylation in malignant lymphomaKwong, YL; Liang, RHS; 馮家禮; Fung, Ka-lai.
2003Promoter hypermethylation of high-in-normal 1 gene in primary nasopharyngeal carcinomaSham, JST; Yuen, APW; Wong, TS; Kwong, DLW; Tsao, SW; Wei, WI; Kwong, YL
2006Re: Wilting et al. Increased gene copy numbers at chromosome 20q are frequent in both squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas of the cervix. J Pathol 2006; 209:220-230Tsao, SW; Kwong, YL; Jin, Y
2004Sequential cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic characterization of an SV40T-immortalized nasopharyngeal cell line transformed by Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 geneTsao, SW; Kwong, YL; Zhang, H; Jin, C; Strömbeck, B; Yuen, PW; Jin, Y
2002The molecular pathology of natural killer cell malignanciesChan, VNY; Kwong, YL; 邵麗平; Siu, Lai-ping, Lisa.
2006The role of aquaporin 9 (AQP9) in arsenic trioxide sensitivity of human LeukaemiaTse, EWC; Kwong, YL; Leung, Sau-kit.; 梁秀傑.