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2016 JPE Volume 170 March (20).pdf.jpg2016Assessment of Quality of Life in Young Patients with Single Ventricle after the Fontan OperationUzark, Karen; Zak, Victor; Shrader, Peter; Mccrindle, Brian W; Radojewski, Elizabeth; Varni, James W; Daniels, Kaitlyn; Handisides, Jill; Hill, Kevin D; Lambert, Linda M; Margossian, Renee; Pemberton, Victoria L; Lai, Wyman W; Atz, Andrew M
2017 JASE Volume 30 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Can We Confidently Define ‘‘ Normal ’’ for Our Neonatal Patients ?Ashrafi, Amir H; Lai, Wyman W; County, Orange
2017 PediatricCardiology Volume 38 Issue 7 October (29).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of Echocardiographic Diagnostic Criteria of Left Ventricular Noncompaction in a Pediatric PopulationJoong, Anna; Hayes, Denise A; Anderson, Brett R; Zuckerman, Warren A; Carroll, Sheila J; Lai, Wyman W
2016 PC Volume 37 Issue 3 March (17).pdf.jpg2016Echocardiographic Assessment of Right Atrial Pressure in a Pediatric and Young Adult PopulationArya, Bhawna; Kerstein, Diane; Denise, Cheng-shiun Leu; Zuckerman, Warren A; Krishnan, Usha; Lai, Wyman W
2016 AJC Volume 118 Issue 10 November (19).pdf.jpg2016Effect of Release of the First Pediatric Appropriate Use Criteria on Transthoracic Echocardiogram Ordering PracticeSachdeva, Ritu; Douglas, Pamela S; Kelleman, Michael S; Mccracken, Courtney E; Lopez, Leo; Stern, Kenan W D; Eidem, Benjamin W; Benavidez, Oscar J; Weiner, Rory B; Welch, Elizabeth; Campbell, Robert M; Lai, Wyman W
2017 JASOE Volume 30 Issue 9 September (11).pdf.jpg2017Physician Attitudes toward the First Pediatric Appropriate Use Criteria and Engagement With Educational Intervention to Improve the Appropriateness of Outpatient EchocardiographySachdeva, Ritu; Kelleman, Michael S; Mccracken, Courtney E; Campbell, Robert M; Lai, Wyman W; Lopez, Leo; Stern, Kenan W D; Welch, Elizabeth; Douglas, Pamela S; York, New; York, New; Carolina, North
730.pdf.jpgMar-2015Progression of right ventricular dilation in repaired tetralogy of FallotBuddhe, Sujatha; Shah, Amee; Lai, Wyman W
2017 PEDCAR Volume 38 Issue 6 August (34).pdf.jpg2017Pulmonary Vein Doppler Patterns in Infants with Single Right Ventricle Anomalies After Initial Staged PalliationsKirkpatrick, Edward C; Steltzer, Jessica; Simpson, Pippa; Pan, Amy; Dragulescu, Andrea; Falkensammer, Christine B; Gelehrter, Sarah; Lai, Wyman W; Levine, Jami; Miller, Stephen; Miller, Thomas A