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1200.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Association Between Surgeon Experience and Complication Rates in Adult Scoliosis Surgery: A Review of 5117 Cases From the Scoliosis Research Society Database 2004-2007Skovrlj, Branko; Cho, Samuel K; Caridi, John M; Bridwell, Keith H; Lenke, Lawrence G; Kim, Yongjung J
2017 Spine Volume 42 Issue 21 November (5).pdf.jpg2017A Dose-Response Curve for a Gram-Negative Spinal Implant Infection Model in RabbitsLaratta, Joseph L; Shillingford, Jamal N; Hardy, Nathan; Lehman, Ronald A; Lenke, Lawrence G; Riew, K Daniel
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 9 September (45).pdf.jpg2016Interpedicular height as a predictor of radicular pain in adult degenerative scoliosisHawasli, Ammar H; Chang, Jodie; Yarbrough, Chester K; Steger-may, Karen; Lenke, Lawrence G; Dorward, Ian G; Biostatistics, Division; Box, Campus; Euclid, South; St, Ave
e428.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Long-term radiographic outcomes of a central hook-rod construct for osteotomy closure: minimum 5-year follow-upHyun, Seung-Jae; Lenke, Lawrence G; Kim, Yong Chan; Koester, Linda A; Blanke, Kathy M
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 6 March (15).pdf.jpg2016Patient Factors That Influence Decision Making :Neuman, Brian J; Baldus, Ã Christine; Zebala, Lukas P; Kelly, Michael P; Shaffrey, Christopher; Ii, Edwards; Koski, Tyler; Schwab, Frank; Glassman, Steven; Parent, Stefan; Lewis, Stephen; Lenke, Lawrence G; Buchowski, Jacob M; Smith, Justin S; Iii, H Crawford; Kim, Jo
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 4 February (8).pdf.jpg2017Predictors of Distal Adding-on in Thoracic Major Curves With AR Lumbar ModifiersMurphy, Joshua S; Upasani, Vidyadhar V; Yaszay, Burt; Bastrom, Tracey P; Bartley, Carrie E; Samdani, Amer; Lenke, Lawrence G; Newton, Peter O
32.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Pulmonary function following adult spinal deformity surgery: minimum two-year follow-upLehman, Ronald A; Kang, Daniel G; Lenke, Lawrence G; Stallbaumer, Jeremy J; Sides, Brenda A
2016 SJ Volume 16 Issue 9 September (52).pdf.jpg2016Reliability of the revised Scoliosis Research Society-22 and Oswestry Disability Index ( ODI ) questionnaires in adult spinal deformity when administered by telephoneBokshan, Steven L; Godzik, Jakub; Dalton, Jonathan; Jaffe, Jennifer; Lenke, Lawrence G; Kelly, Michael P
e879.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015The Deformity Angular Ratio: Does It Correlate With High-Risk Cases for Potential Spinal Cord Monitoring Alerts in Pediatric 3-Column Thoracic Spinal Deformity Corrective Surgery?Lewis, Noah D H; Keshen, Sam G N; Lenke, Lawrence G; Zywiel, Michael G; Skaggs, David L; Dear, Taylor E; Strantzas, Samuel; Lewis, Stephen J